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Hot News From Long Island: Who's Going To Replace Tom Suozzi?

A notoriously vain narcissist, Zimmerman laughably claims he's only 67

I'm old enough so that when I see the name Robert Zimmerman I think of this from 1965 or this from 1966. But there's another Robert Zimmerman getting attention now, one of the 4 Democrats running for the Long Island North Shore seat that Tom Suozzi is leaving for a long shot gubernatorial bid. The district, by the way, isn't drawn yet and, already a D+3, is likely to get bluer. (Biden beat Trump there by just over ten points.)

The politician Zimmerman is a DNC moneybags, a shady establishment hack who has made a career out of trading on access to politicians. He spent his political life raising money for conservative Democrats against progressives. Chuck Schumer's top bundler, he was also one of Hillary Clinton's finance chairs and that has helped his p.r. firm receive lots of tax payer-funded consultant work. He's a Kyrsten Sinema kind of conservative-- part of the LGBTQ community, so very liberal on that, but a for-sale greed and selfishness conservative on everything else.

Today the 67 year old would-be freshman congressman is trying to pass himself off as some kind of a progressive-- he claims, out of the blue, to back Medicare-For-All, although he never has before-- but in 2016 he was the floor whip for Tom Perez's vicious anti-progressive campaign against Keith Ellison in the race for DNC Chair. Once he started entertaining the idea of running-- against Suozzi in 2019-- he started his nasty and slimy campaign by running around the district whispering that Suozzi is a "Trump sympathizer."

A smooth operator, the slick-talking Great Neck businessman is targeting frontrunner Melanie D’Arrigo, the only actual progressive in a race that also features 3 rotgut conservatives, openly gay Republican MAGA blowhard George Santos, and two quasi-Democrats, ex-North Hempstead Supervisor Jon Kaiman and racist Nassau County Legislator Joshua Lafazan, best known for his bill that would have allowed cops to sue Black Lives Matter protesters.

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