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High Noon Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

Inauguration Day Special!!!

By the time you read this, Joe Biden will be on his way to the White House and Donald Two Times will have been bigly pumped full of tranqs, loaded onto Herr Force One in a straitjacket, and flying (in more ways than one) home to his infamous Mar-a-lago massage parlor and golf emporium while Queen Melanoma vainly tries to spoon feed him with puree of hamberder. Yes, I imagine the flight will be quite the circus, complete with Don Jr. and Kimberly Tinfoyle hoovering up poundage of happy dust, Eric babbling even more incoherently than usual, Iskanka and her Ken doll sitting in the back desperately still trying to arrange a Flor-a-duh welcoming crowd, streams of black dye running down Rudy's face as he tries to re-ingratiate himself, and the My Pillow wacko, aka Mr. Pillowacko, handing out the pillows and blue blankies.



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