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Hakeem Jeffries' War Against Progressives And Progressivism

I want you to look at this little box directly below from ProgressivePunch. It shows the two members of Congress who have the most outstanding progressive voting records. They are just fractionally different from each other but the two close-to-perfect records belong to Marie Newman from Illinois and Andy Levin from Michigan. Both members were redistricted into battles with corporate incumbents with more centrist, GOP-lite records, New Dem full-time money-raisers Sean Casten and Haley Stevens.

It should come as no surprise that Hakeem Jeffries' anti-progressive hit-squad has chosen Newman and Levin-- along with Rashida Tlaib-- as his first incumbent targets for elimination. He is the truest political descendent of Rahm Emanuel in over a decade. He has AIPAC's sleazy, Republican-funded SuperPAC, United Democracy Project, and Mark Mellman's even sleazier Democratic Majority for Israel (DMFI) putting hundreds of thousand of dollars into deceitful media smears against the 3 candidates. Congressional observers expect that to grow into millions of dollars in the next couple of weeks.

Today I want to ask you for something very simple: please consider helping 3 of the best incumbents in Congress-- all three proven to be fully dedicated to the interests of working families-- so that they can respond to the orchestrated smear campaigns against them by conservatives who are serious about making the House even less progressive. Consider clicking on the 2022 Blue America Worthy Incumbents thermometer on the left and contributing what you can to Levin, Newman and Tlaib.

I've been doing a lot of writing about this anti-progressive jihad orchestrated by Jeffries in the last month. If Jeffries and his allies succeed in defeating these 3 members it will send a chill through already shaky members, a chill that makes the point that being too loud and too unequivocal about core progressive values in a career-ender. That's exactly what Jeffries, Mellman, AIPAC and their conservative sewers money donors what to do. I wonder if the Congressional Progressive Caucus PAC plans to spend any money defending their 3 members-- or if they're just too preoccupied helping conservative Republican Robert Garcia who is currently masquerading as a Democrat. I know Mark Pocan is one of Jeffries' close allies but if the CPC doesn't fight back now, they might as well close up shop or just join the New Dems.

Jeffries and his allies have already spent millions taking on Nina Turner (OH), Summer Lee (PA), Erica Smith (NC), Nida Allam (NC), Jessica Cisneros (TX), Daniel Lee (CA), Cristina Garcia (CA), David Canepa (CA), Amy Vilela (NV), Michelle Vallejo (TX), Omari Hardy (FL) and Attica Scott (KY) with mixed results but going after incumbents is a much more drastic thing to try-- especially for a divisive Wall Street owned-and-operated political hack like Hakeem Jeffries, who is slated to take over as Democratic Party congressional leader when Pelosi steps down. This was how his ally, Mellman's DMFI started last week. It's just the beginning:

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06 de jun. de 2022

Once again, if the truth does not conform to the democrap party orthodoxy, it must be silenced.

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