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Ever Wonder What Bigots Like Marjorie Traitor Greene & Robert Foster Think Of The GOP Closet Cases?

In the early 1930s, the Nazi campaign platform did not include killing 6 million Jews-- and certainly not during the collapse of Weimer democracy in the 1930 Reichstag elections and the 2 that quickly followed in 1932. In 1928, the Nazis won 2.6% of the vote (12 seats). Screaming about law and order, they won 18.3% in 1930 and 107 seats, making them the second biggest party. There were certainly some Jews who voted for them. The Rupert Murdoch of the day was Dietrich Eckart, publisher of the Völkischer Beobachter, which played the same role for the Nazis as Fox does for the GOP today. The Tucker Carlson of the day was Alfred Rosenberg. Eckart and Rosenberg boasted about what was in store for the Jews if the Nazis won. The savviest Jews left the country. Others voted for anti-Nazi parties. The morons voted for Nazis anyway.

The German government fell apart and new elections were called in July, 1932. The Nazis won 37.3% of the vote and 230 seats, making them the biggest party in Germany-- but without a governing majority. Hitler couldn't put together a government because other parties refused to work with him. That led to another election 4 months later. In November, the Nazi share of the vote went down about 4 points and they lost 34 seats but were still the biggest party in the Reichstag. By the end of January, Hitler was appointed Chancellor. Germany didn't have a democratic election again until 1949 (and in East Germany, not until 1990).

Hitler began rolling out his plans for the Jews almost immediately, since they now controlled the election apparatus and it no longer mattered how people voted. Dachau was opened just 2 months after Hitler was appointed chancellor, although most of the first "guests" were communists rather than Jews per se. Jews' legal and economic rights were gradually restricted, starting with a boycott of Jewish businesses and the exclusion of Jews from the civil service in April, 1933. Jew lawyers were disbarred and Jews were no longer allowed to own newspapers, magazines or farm land. Jews were barred from attending universities; Jewish businesses were seized and works by Jewish musicians, writers and artists were no longer allowed to be published or performed. Jewish doctors were not allowed to treat non-Jews. By 1935, Jews could no longer be German citizens and sexual intercourse between a Jew and an Aryan was illegal. It all went down hill from there.

At least a quarter of LGBTQ voters cast their ballots for Trump in 2020. Jackson County, Georgia might seem like a perfect place to launch a Shoah for gays. Last cycle 29,502 votes (78.3%) were cast for Señor Trumpanzee, while Biden won just 7,642 (20.3%). While 54% of Georgians are fully vaccinated, just 42% of Jackson County residents are. Less than 8% of the residents are Black; 78% are non-Hispanic whites. Last night at a sparsely-attended bund rally in Jackson County, Georgia, Trump and his extremist allies spent their time onstage whining about their grievances-- a regular pity party for losers-- and excoriating "RINOs" (any Republican who doesn't swear 100% fealty to him), while Marjorie Traitor Greene-- in effect the leader of Trump's Bund Deutscher Mädel-- went after the gays.

Traitor Greene promised the fascists at the rally that after the midterms "You’re going to see a new Republican Party-- a Republican Party that defends our nation’s borders, a Republican Party that finishes the wall, a Republican Party that saves this economy and stops this inflation [and] ridiculously high gas prices... We’re going to drill oil right here in the U.S.A... And you know what? Pete Buttigieg can take his electric vehicles and his bicycles and he and his husband can stay out of our girls’ bathrooms."

It’s impossible to know what exactly Greene means by this. It could be a dog whistle for devotees of any number of bigoted slurs, conspiracies, and stereotypes, but the details don’t really matter. Making ugly, dumb statements is her profession, and rewarding ugly, dumb statements is the modern GOP’s modus operandi, and so she’ll keep doing it.
Indeed, Greene then pivoted to University of Pennsylvania athlete Lia Thomas, a transgender woman who this month became an NCAA swimming champion.
“Yeah, and Lia Thomas? Lia’s going to remember his name is William, and he needs to go back to men’s swimming, because we’re going to kick the biological men out of the women’s sports,” Greene said.

Mayo Pete, basically a puffed up nothing, has come this far for one reason: he has the best publicist in American politics, Lis Smith. Smith couldn't have created a better context for Mayo than a bigoted attack on him and his family by a character as loathed by Democrats than Traitor Greene. Now... if she can only get Mississippi Nazi, former state Rep. Robert Foster to focus on him! Foster ran for governor in 2019-- and he was too extreme even for Mississippi Republicans. He came in a very distant 3rd in a 3-way primary:

  • Tate Reeves- 187,312 (48.9%)

  • Bill Waller- 128,010 (33.4%)

  • Robert Foster- 67,758 (17.7%)

Foster did win some national renown during that campaign, refusing to allow women to interview him because, he claimed it could be construed as an inappropriate sexual relationship. The man is extremely sick and living in a world anchored in the early 18th Century, like many Republicans.

On Friday, Ashton Pittman reported about Foster's call for executing trans children or their parents or someone. Foster, a very influential figure in state GOP politics, "authored the state’s current death penalty law in 2017, allowing for executions by gas chamber, electrocution and firing squad." Pittman requested an interview about the firing squad tweet and Foster turned him down.

“I said what I said,” he wrote, adding to what he had tweeted. “The law should be changed so that anyone trying to sexually groom children and/or advocating to put men pretending to be women in locker rooms and bathrooms with young women should receive the death penalty by firing squad.”
On Thursday night, Jackson attorney Spencer Ritchie, who served as the executive director of the Mississippi Republican Party from 2014 to 2017 and is now on the Mississippi Ethics Commission, criticized Foster’s tweet.
The fascist force is strong with this one,” Ritchie wrote, quote-tweeting Foster.
“Spineless establishment RINOs like you have conceded every fight with the Communists when you held power,” Foster replied. “Ya’ll ‘Conservatives’ haven’t actually conserved anything. Now the Godless have power and they are destroying our country. Soon we will have to deal with this directly.”
After another Twitter user sarcastically accused Foster of “casting judgment like a true Christian,” the former lawmaker offered a clarification.
“God will judge them. Just think they need to be sent to an early judgment,” the Hernando businessman wrote.
Foster’s tweet followed anti-trans remarks from other Republicans in the state and across the country. Less than three hours before Foster’s tweet, his former opponent, Gov. Tate Reeves, mocked President Joe Biden and his U.S. Supreme Court nominee, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, for not answering a question related to gender and transgender issues.
...In 2021, Gov. Reeves signed a bill into law banning transgender students from participating on school sports teams that match their gender. Even as Reeves signed it into law, he and other Republicans admitted that they were not aware of any instances of problems in Mississippi related to transgender sports participation.
Republican statehouses across the nation have passed their own versions of the bill, which originated with the Alliance Defending Freedom, an evangelical Christian legal organization that writes model legislation and passes it on to state lawmakers. The ADF also wrote a Mississippi law banning abortion that is at the center of a U.S. Supreme Court case that could overturn Roe v. Wade.
The American Psychological Association said in November 2021 that “there is no evidence to support claims that allowing transgender student athletes to play on the team that fits their gender identity would affect the fairness of the sport or competition.” The organization cites “ample evidence that an opportunity for adolescents to participate in sports results in positive outcomes, such as better grades, greater homework completion, higher educational and occupational aspirations, and improved self-esteem.”
This past week, Utah’s Republican governor, Spencer Cox, vetoed a version of the transgender sports ban that his own state’s lawmakers passed.
“When in doubt, I always try to err on the side of kindness, mercy and compassion,” he wrote in a letter. “… I am learning so much from our transgender community. They are great kids who face enormous struggles.”
Cox cited a study showing that 86% of transgender youth reported feelings of suicidality, while 56% reported a past suicide attempt. The Utah governor said that of the 75,000 high school kids participating in school sports in his state, just four are transgender, and only one of them was playing on a girls sports team.
“That’s what all of this is about. Four kids who aren’t dominating or winning trophies or taking scholarships,” Cox wrote. “Four kids who are just trying to find some friends and feel like they are a part of something. Four kids trying to get through each day.
“Rarely has so much fear and anger been directed at so few. I don’t understand what they are going through or why they feel the way they do. But I want them to live. And all the research shows that even a little acceptance and connection can reduce suicidality significantly.”

Progressive Congresswoman, Marie Newman (D-IL) has been attacked by Traitor Greene in the past for being the mother of a transgender daughter. This morning, after hearing about Traitor Greene's homophobic rant last night in Georgia, sighed and told me "It is clear to me congresswoman Greene does not have anything better to do with her time since she has been stripped of all of her Committee work, and as a result, she simply spends all of her time spewing hatred." There's no plausible Democratic opponent to Traitor Greene in Georgia's grotesquely gerrymandered congressional districts but helloing Marie Neman win reelection (against a conservative Democrat) is as close as anyone can come to upsetting the Traitor Greene applecart. There isn't a Democratic House member Traitor Greene fears and hates more than Marie Newman. Please consider contributing to her reelection campaign here. As for the Republican civil war... don't expect much to come of it. Down deep, they're all bigoted fascists anyway. Trump's threatened MAGA-boycott of the midterms is just not going to happen and it's nothing more than Trump pressuring clowns like Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell.

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Mar 27, 2022

As you ponder just how much more despicable the nazi party becomes daily, also ponder why it will be in November and in 2024 that the democraps will be slaughtered by them both times. Ponder why it was that W beat Gore and trump beat $hillbillary, even though the proto-nazis of those times were also so much more despicable.

As illustrated, the parallels to nazi germany are palpable.

Then ponder why it is that americans refuse to create a movement for actual "good". It's not like we have no idea what "good" is. Look at all the issue polling where americans favor all sorts of "good" by supermajorities. But american voters absolutely REFUSE to vote for "good"... since the '60s.

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