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Eric Greitens-- When Even Neo-Fascist Steve King Says He Hopes For A 2nd Amendment Remedy!

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Disgraced, scandal-plagued former 18-month Missouri Governor and current MAGA candidate for the open Missouri Senate seat, Eric Greitens, released this sick 30 second TV ad (above) this morning. YouTube partially removed it, as Greitens boasted to his Twitter followers:

Both the polling averages and the most recent poll of the GOP primary earlier this month, show Greitens as the frontrunner... not counting undecided, which is actually in first place. Hard to imagine why with such a sterling gaggle of candidates:

  • Undecided- 27%

  • Eric Greitens- 26%

  • Eric Schmitt- 20%

  • Vicky Hartzler- 16%

  • Billy Long- 8%

  • Mark McCloskey- 4%

Even among Republican primary voters, Greitens has a 35% unfavorable rating, not so much because of his MAGA-suckup posture and extremism as because he was kicked out of office by a Republican state legislature for sexual assault charges and campaign finance corruption. Yes, even 35% of Republicans have trouble abiding a crook and a pervert. Or, in the words of Greitens fellow white nationalist, former Congressman Steve King (R-IA), "He's a well established evil person." This morning, King suggested someone shoot him:

Greitens on the other hand, just wants people to shoot RINOs-- yes, Republicans but still human beings, and is selling "RINO hunting permits" on his campaign website. You may be aware the Blue America has endorsed populist Democrat Lucas Kunce. Take a look at his campaign launch video here and consider contributing to his all grassroots campaign by clicking on the ActBlue 2022 Senate thermometer on the left. Greitens is a violent, insane and dangerous fascist and it's worth whatever you can afford to help keep him out of the U.S. Senate. We have enough obstructionist crackpots in there already. And a bonus: Kunce is likely to be one of the best and most independent-minded senators we've had in decades.

UPDATE: RINO Calls the Police On Greitens

Caleb Rowden is the Missouri Senate Majority Leader. It looks like he took Greitens' threat personally-- and seriously. But why the highway patrol? Greitens allies have said they are "gunning for Rowden" and for Missouri Governor Mike Parson.


1 commentaire

21 juin 2022

and I bet you guys thought george wallace or david duke or steve king was bad.

this is what happens when there exists no enforcement of standards or law or constitution; no opposition in any way to nazis.

eventually, your heroes become liz cheney and adam kinzinger.

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