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Doug Schoen, Still Pretending To Be A Democrat

Doug and Mike

If there was a dictionary definition of "conservative treacherous scumbag lobbyist," the photo would be of Doug Schoen. Usually referred to as a "Fox News Democrat," Schoen, who was fired by Fox and now works for Newsmax, is at the bottom of the shit pile of corrupt conservatives pretending to be Democrats. As a consultant he has always worked for the worst of the worst, most recently Bloomberg for President. Before that his clients included fence jumper Richard Shelby, Evan Bayh, the Clintons (and their pal-- and Trump's-- corrupt Ukrainian oligarch Victor Pinchuk). Schoen is the most anti-progressive member of the Democratic establishment's scumbag class of consultants, right up there with his foul partners Mark Penn and Dick Morris.

With a bio like the one I just described, you know where you can find his propaganda being passed off as legitimate commentary: The Hill. This morning Schoen was pushing the reactionary Blue Dog agenda as some kind of pseudo-salvation for the Democrats' midterm prosects. Attempting to disguise what he is in rational-sounding rhetoric, he wrote that "In light of Democrats’ declining ratings and their failed attempts at passing both the Build Back Better Agenda and voting rights legislation, the party needs to show voters that they can deliver." Ahhh... the Republican wing of the Democratic Party!

But instead of advocating for the Progressive Caucus' call for Biden to use his executive power to promulgate an agenda that would help American families, he is pushing an "all-of-the-above" energy agenda proposed by the oil and gas oligarchs and pushed by New Jersey Blue Dog piece of crap Josh Gottheimer, one of Congress' most corrupt members. Gottheimer's plan is "drill, baby drill and here's a nice little windmill for ya."

He wrote that "Gottheimer’s proposal is both practically and politically viable. Democrats should work on bringing legislation like this to the floor of Congress as soon as possible, considering the financial strain of high gas prices that is currently weighing on Americans."

Instead of advocating for Medicare to be able to negotiate fair drug prices, Schoen uses the "Mark Cuban model," give everyone access to competitive pricing, while doing nothing to stop price gouging and bring down rampantly unfair pricing. His suggestion comes straight from the NRCC: "Give consumers transparent information about their critical prescription drugs, continue to give them the freedom to follow treatments as prescribed without undercutting access and pass any and all savings directly to patients, never middlemen."

As always, he ends with a dire warning to anyone foolish enough to take him seriously: "The risks to the party of failing to deliver are too high, and the future control of both bodies of Congress could not be in greater jeopardy." I have a suggestion: defeat all Blue Dogs by replacing them with progressives, starting right here, right now-- 5 progressive Democrats running in California, Oregon, Hawaii and Texas against Jim Costa, Lou Correa, Kurt Schrader, Ed Case and Henry Cuellar, all Doug Schoen Democrats.

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