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Crackpot Insurrectionist Louie Gohmert Wants To Be Texas Attorney General

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton already had 3 Republicans-- George P. Bush, former Texas Supreme Court Judge Eva Guzman and state Rep. Matt Krause-- primarying him before Louie Gohmert threw his hat into the ring today. (Some people think it may be a prank and that Gohmert isn't really running.) Gohmert's website is one big plea for donations, but he also wrote that "We need a Texas Attorney General whose top attorneys working for him have not found it necessary to send a letter to the FBI urging an investigation into corruption of their boss."

This is not at all like Obama loyalists working in the Trump administration who worked to get rid of Republican President Trump. It is true that the current Texas Attorney General filed some popular Republican-favored lawsuits, especially in the last year AFTER the latest ethical, moral, and criminal allegations against him arose from his top staff.
Keep in mind, under Texas law, if someone wins a Texas primary, and is indicted after the primary, his name cannot be removed from the ballot. There are, in essence, basically two exceptions: If the primary winner is diagnosed with a terminal condition after the primary, or if he is nominated for another position (for example, someone is nominated for a federal position by the President after winning the primary). Neither exception applies to a newly indicted primary winner. It is very important to note that the closest opponent of the three currently announced to run against him is George P. Bush and he has only 18% among Republican voters.
...Also, keep in mind that If there is corruption or fraud in the four largest Texas cities in the November 2024 election, the district attorneys in those counties will likely still be Democrats, the Biden DOJ will still be Democrat controlled that year, and we cannot afford to have the Texas Attorney General be a Democrat and turn a blind eye to problems Democrats have created.
Also remember, the current Texas Attorney General won in the general election of 2018 with ONLY 50.6% of the vote, well before all of the current criminal allegations by his own staff attorneys.

Aside from being a crackpot who refused to wear a mask and then found himself infected with COVID, Gohmert (69) is best know for a fringe right politics that got him elected first as a district judge and then as a Member of Congress representing TX-01, one of Texas' most backward districts. The PVI is R+25 and Trump took 71.6% of the vote there last year, not quite as much as Gohmert's 72.6%.

There are 12 counties in Gohmert's district, none of them vaguely competitive. Gohmert has never run in a competitive election, just one filled with insane people. How do I know they're insane? Watch-- and keep in mind that Texas went 52.1% for Trump and is 54% vaccinated now:

  • Smith Co.- 68.8% Trump, 42% fully vaccinated

  • Gregg Co.- 67.7% Trump, 43% fully vaccinated

  • Angelina Co.- 72.4% Trump, 42% fully vaccinated

  • Harrison Co.- 72.2% Trump, 36% fully vaccinated

  • Nacogdoches Co.- 64.9% Trump, 41% fully vaccinated

  • Rusk Co.- 77.3% Trump, 36% fully vaccinated

  • Panola Co.- 81.4% Trump, 33% fully vaccinated

  • Shelby Co.- 79.1% Trump, 33% fully vaccinated

  • Wood Co.- 83.6% Trump, 40% fully vaccinated

  • Upshur Co.- 83.6% Trump, 31% fully vaccinated

  • Sabine Co.- 87.1% Trump, 33% fully vaccinated

  • San Augustine Co.- 75.1% Trump, 39% fully vaccinated

So... every county in Gohmert's district is further right, less vaccinated and woefully more stupid-- just like himself-- than the statewide average. Ergo: Louie Gohmert, first elected in 2004, and beloved by some of America's most ignorant and fearful voters. In 2015 he mounted a challenge against Boehner for the speakership. Although 25 Freedom Caucus members refused to vote for Boehner, only 3 could stomach the idea of voting for someone so glaringly incompetent as Gohmert-- himself plus Randy Weber (TX) and Jim Bridenstine (OK). Gohmert is violently anti-gay, anti-Choice, anti-environment, antigovernment and anti-Science, one of Congress' most ignorant Climate Change deniers.

This afternoon, Texas Tribune's ace reporter, Patrick Svitek, wrote that "The public rollout of Gohmert's apparent exploratory committee was messy. He had been scheduled to be in Tyler at 11:30 a.m. to make what was billed as a "very important campaign kick-off announcement." Around noon, his campaign's Twitter account tweeted a live broadcast that did not work. After the purported campaign website surfaced on social media, he did not respond to calls and a text message seeking comment. Gohmert's district's office referred questions about the announcement to a campaign email address, which did not respond to multiple messages. The URL for the website purporting to be about the exploratory effort is not the same as one for another Gohmert campaign website, which still says he is running for Congress."


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Nov 10, 2021

does he think that TX AG is a step closer to the fuhrer in '25?

sorry... trying to apply a reasoned motive for an insane moron. silly me.

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