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Corporate Knives Are Out For Marie Newman-- The Smear Campaign Has Begun

A conservative smear operation is blasting away at Marie Newman, financed by the same pack of GOP-slimedogs who have financed all the smear operations against her every time she's run-- primarily No Labels and Mark Mellman and, this time, Sean Casten's allies and the Koch's Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust, ironically called FACT. Sounds impressive? Just to give you an idea, it's headed by a Trump regime degenerate and lobbyist, Matthew Wittaker, who was briefly (3 months) acting Attorney General (illegally) and who even McConnell couldn't get through the Senate for a confirmation. FACT, widely considered a "chop shop of fake ethics complaints," is best known for having invented and perpetrated the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal.

Teaming up with Casten and his allies, FACT manufactured an ethics complaint against Newman based on an already-settled lawsuit for not hiring Iymen Chehade. Casten is attempting to orchestrate this made up "scandal' based on the fact that Whitaker has filed a complaint against Newman with the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE), a private firm that anybody can file anything with for any reason at all, and with no standard of credibility. It was moved to the House Ethics Committee which issued a statement that "[T]he Committee will review the matter pursuant to Committee Rule 18(a). The Committee notes that the mere fact of conducting further review of a referral, and any mandatory disclosure of such further review, does not itself indicate that any violation has occurred, or reflect any judgment on behalf of the Committee."

When I reached out to Newman's campaign for a comment, a staffer told me that "Recently, a right-wing organization filed a politically-motivated complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) regarding a dismissed lawsuit. The materials produced during the OCE's review overwhelmingly demonstrate that the ethics complaint is completely meritless." You can contribute to

Marie's campaign here or by clicking on the 2022 Best Incumbents thermometer on the left. Stand with Pramila, Rashida, Ro and other progressive members of Congress against this bid to replace a progressive with a worthless corporate shill.

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Feb 02, 2022

thus saving the democrap party from having to "grayson" another one.

the money takes care of its own.

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