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Conservative Sewer Money Floods Into Long Beach And SELA On Behalf Of Robert Garcia

AIPAC's shady SuperPAC, United Democracy Project, and it's affiliated Democratic Majority For Israel (DMFI) spent millions of dollars smearing Jessica Cisneros and bolstering reactionary Blue Dog Henry Cuellar in South Texas. The last reported expenditures to the FEC were on May 19 and 20. That's when they started unleashing their dogs of war into CA-42, the new southeast L.A. County district that combines parts of the districts of two retiring incumbents Lucille Royal-Allard and Alan Lowenthal.

The open seat pits progressive Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia against corrupt Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia, a conservative Republican operative running as a Democrat with massive establishment support. There are 6 minor and vanity candidates are running and after the June 7 primary Cristina and Robert will be left running in the general election.

On May 19 AIPAC began their smear campaign against Cristina with a $230,000 independent expenditure for TV ads, followed the next day with a barrage of direct mail pieces against her ($126,048. On May 25, the began petering residents of the district with $20,644 in robocalls and on May 27, AIPAC spent another $120,431.74 on anther distorted mail piece. (AIPAC had already spent $17,964 on negative robocalls against Cristina on May 13.

Meanwhile, Mark Mellman's DMFI began spending against Cristina on May 23 with $6,850 in negative digital ads at the same time they began their attack against Daniel Lee in CA-37 (Karen Bass' old Los Angeles district) and David Canepa in CA-15 (Jackie Speier's old San Mateo district). As of May 26, Mellman has spent $175,897 against Daniel Lee and in favor of conservative careerist Sydney Kamlager and another $25,000 attacking David Canepa and bolstering establishment hack Kevin Mullin. In that period AIPAC has concentrated all of it's spending in just one place-- against Cristina Garcia.

That Cristina Garcia is one of the best candidates running for Congress anywhere can be demonstrated by the intensity of the sewer money being directed against her from sleazy superPACs. AIPAC and DMFI have been joined by crypto-billionaire SuperPACs, Web3Forward (which has also dumped $316,983 against Daniel Lee) and Protect Our Future, entirely funded by crooked Bahamas resident Sam Bankman-Fried through Prime Trust LLC. This concerted attack against Cristina Garcia by billionaires and corporate whores hasn't been covered much by the media. But about a week ago the Long Beach Post rana report by Anthony Pignataro, Despite campaigning against it, Robert Garcia is benefitting from a flood of super PAC money.

Yep, that's Robert Garcia, saying one thing for the public, white operating in opposite-world. It's the story of his life and he has become an expert at it, even persuading-- and remember he is a conservative Republican-- the Congressional Progressive Caucus PAC to endorse him, their most shameful action ever! "Garcia," wrote Pignataro, "has denounced the influence of unlimited money in political campaigns, but in a race for Long Beach’s 42nd Congressional seat, he has so far been the primary beneficiary of political action committee dollars flowing into the race. Campaign finance records show more than $1 million in independent expenditures from super PACs are paying for advertisements in support of Mayor Garcia and against Assemblymember Cristina Garcia, his main Democratic rival for the seat. Virtually all of the independent expenditures so far in the race are either in support of Robert Garcia or against Cristina Garcia, according to the Center for Responsive Politics."

Robert Garcia doesn't directly take PAC money. The millions in sewer money are being "independently" spent by a series of SuperPACs that support conservative Democrats against progressives. Bankman-Fried has spent the most so far. His Protect Our Future SuperPAC has endorsed 17 House candidates so far:

  • Abigail Spanberger (Blue Dog-VA)

  • Haley Stevens (New Dem-MI)

  • Lucy McBath (New Dem-GA)

  • Shontel Brown (New Dem-OH)

  • Ritchie Torres (NY)

  • Max Rose (Blue Dog-NY)

  • Robert Garcia (CA)

  • Sydney Kamlager (CA)

  • Gilbert Villegas (IL)

  • Brittany Pettersen (CO)

  • Laura Gillen (NY)

  • Morgan McGarvey (KY)

  • Francis Canole (NY)

  • Carrick Flynn (OR)

  • Nikki Budzinski (IL)

  • Valerie Foushee (NC)

  • Jasmine Crockett (TX)

Is being endorsed by Bankman-Fried, AIPAC and DMFI enough of a signal to oppose a candidate? 100% yes. Bankman-Fried plans to spend $1,000,000 defeating Cristina. This is the Facebook ad Blue America has been running on Cristina's behalf:

Pignataro also noted that Voter Protection Project, a deceitfully-named SuperPAC started in 2020 by corporate scumbag Andrew Janz, the reactionary DCCC candidate who raised $9,086,681 in an unsuccessful run against Devin Nunes in 2018, "has so far spent $42,894 on two attack ads against Cristina Garcia, according to the FEC. A spokesperson for Voter Protection Project didn’t respond to an inquiry by press time."

Just as AIPAC and Bankman-Fried started opening the floodgates of cash against Cristina, she wrote an OpEd in the Long Beach Press-Telegram, Cristina Garcia embraces role of disrupter. "Recently," she wrote, "I met with a group of Long Beach voters. They asked what I felt distinguished me from my congressional opponents. 'Tampons, taxes and pollution,' I replied. One person asked, 'We know your record, so we get tampons and pollution. But taxes? You’re a progressive, right?' First off, I don’t care about political labels. My focus is on getting results. Yes, much of my legislation is progressive. After all, my laws have ended the tax on menstrual products, equalized the punishment for spousal rape, and set a statewide criterion for what our state considers an environmental justice neighborhood. But call it what you will, it’s the misuse of tax dollars that’s been the most integral ingredient in my time in public service."

Twelve years ago, I came back home to care for my sick mother. Returning home, I saw my community differently. Elected officials didn’t seem to be working in the best interest of the people. One night, I met with a group of activists in the City of Bell. After dinner, they asked why taxes were so high and city services so deficient.
Eventually, we learned local government was massively misappropriating city coffers. We organized the community, created a movement, and the corrupt politicians went to jail. Our movement ended with the complete reform of Bell’s governance-- all because of a question about taxes.
When I got to Sacramento, I concentrated on good government legislation. I wrote the Political Conduct, Ethics and Public Trust Acts. This is a series of laws that deal with everything from regulating the influence of lobbyists to making it easier to audit local governments and agencies. Oftentimes, the only way to really tell where the people’s tax dollars are going is to go through those numbers with a fine-tooth comb.
So, I’ve used the state’s audit power to investigative the City of Montebello, Bellflower Unified, and the Central Water Basin. Those audits called for immediate reforms, so I wrote bills to make sure the audit results in real change.
Here’s another example. California had poured billions of dollars into county programs to help solve the homeless crisis, but the problem only got worse. So I, along with my Assembly colleague, called for an audit of a program called the Continuum of Care (COC), the program charged with addressing homelessness.
The report exposed a program meant to solve one of our state’s most pressing problems instead mired in bureaucracy, inefficiency, and a complete lack of accountability. To me, that’s an unacceptable outcome for taxpayers and communities across California who are desperately trying to solve the homeless crisis in a compassionate and timely manner. My colleagues and I are now working on a set of bills to implement the audit’s recommendations to ensure our tax dollars actually help to reduce homelessness in our communities.
Yes, I’m a progressive. But I’m also watchdog for making sure the people’s tax dollars are not wasted. I’m confident that fact distinguishes me from your average politician and my opponents.

Next Tuesday California will have round 1 (the jungle primary) but that is just a prelude to November. Please consider contributing to Cristina and the other progressives running in California next week by clicking here or on the Blue America "Bluer California" thermometer on the left (a live link). For those wondering who is coordinating all this sewer money against progressives, look no further than would-be Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries, the man behind the curtain, a rabid Zionist who is making God-only-knows what kinds of promises to the crypto-industry.

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