Are The Seditionists In Congress Feeling Any Pressure From The Mainstream?

The 7th congressional district in the northwest and central part of Wisconsin is the state's biggest-- with all or part of 20 counties. It's one of those formerly solid Democratic districts that has turned sharply right. Gore and Kerry each beat Bush and in 2008 Obama beat McCain 56-43%. After 4 years, "Hope and Change" looked like bullshit to the rural voters are they narrowly abandoned Obama in 2012 and then went all in on Trump is 2016, when he beat Hillary 57.7-37.3%. This year, Trump did even better, winning 59.2% to Biden's 39.3%.

After Melvin Laird reigned his congressional seat in 1969 to become Nixon's Secretary of Defense, Democrat Dave Obey won the district and served there until retiring in 2011. It flipped red in the 2010 election and reality TV character Sean Duffy won the seat, resigning last year. His GOP replacement, state Sen. Tom Tiffany won the special election 43,714 (57.4%) to 32,339 (42.5%) and last month won a full term against Democrat Tricia Zunker 252,048 (60.8%) to 162,741 (39.2%).

Last week, Tiffany made a big mistake: he signed onto the amicus brief for the Texas Supreme Court case to overturn the election. James Wigderson, the editor of WTMJ's apologized to their readers for endorsing Tiffany and admitted errors in describing him as a candidate. The original endorsement called Tiffany "a solid conservative legislator" and "a candidate whom they know will fight for conservative principles in Washington."

Wigderson wrote that "a review of the facts of Tiffany’s brief time in Congress leads us to believe those statements were made in error and that a correction is necessary."

Tiffany recently signed onto a statement supporting a federal lawsuit to overturn the November 3 presidential election in Wisconsin and three other states: Pennsylvania, Georgia and Michigan. The federal lawsuit, filed by the ethically challenged Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, would disenfranchise Wisconsin’s voters, including those in the 7th Congressional District, if successful.
The lawsuit would also be an open invitation to every state to interfere with every other state’s interpretation of their own laws.
National Review’s Andrew McCarthy, a Trump supporter, wrote that if the Texas lawsuit was successful, “every state now has standing to sue every other state over the latter’s administration of its own laws in connection with its own citizens if it can articulate some collateral consequence that may affect the allegedly injured state in some way.”
A “conservative” political leader would understand that Paxton’s lawsuit is not conservative. It is a naked attempt at preserving power for a president that lost the November 3 election (even as Tiffany won re-election in his district). Fortunately, Tiffany is the only Wisconsin Republican to endorse the Texas lawsuit.
It’s clear from the evidence Tiffany is not “a solid conservative legislator” and “a candidate whom they know will fight for conservative principles in Washington.” As for being “the only candidate deserving of Republican votes in the February 18 GOP primary,” apparently the 1980s teenage singer Tiffany Darwish was the Tiffany that was meant.

I'd like to see hundreds of editorials like this for newspapers and organizations that endorsed the 126 congressional seditionists. Here in California, Kevin McCarthy, Ken Calvert, Doug LaMalfa and Tom McClintock. I'd especially like to see the editors of the Bakersfield Californian rescind their long-time support for McCarthy. In their ugly transactional endorsement this year, they wrote: "McCarthy’s full-throated support of Trump, which prompted the president to once refer to McCarthy as 'My Kevin,' has caused many of his constituents to cringe with embarrassment and plead for him to show more political independence. While he has remained a Trump loyalist, McCarthy has not forgotten that 'all politics are local.' He also has used his considerable political clout to advance issues, such as water, energy and trade, to protect Kern’s quality of life and economic well-being. Kern needs an experienced and powerful representative in Congress to confront today’s challenges. Kern needs to re-elect Kevin McCarthy."

Kern doesn't-- not for it's own sake nor for America's.