Anyone Ever Hear Of A Non-Evil, Non-Criminal Billionaire?

That's Schwarzman with the Orange Fascist

Last night we saw how crypto multibillionaire-joke Sam Bankman-Fried is trying to buy some congressional seats. Republican billionaires have been in that game long before Bankman-Fried, age 30, was born. Politico reported that the new FEC filings show that many of the GOP billionaires have been shoveling millions into congressional campaigns. Slimy operators like private equity and hedge fund crooks Stephen Schwarzman and Ken Griffin gave, respectively, McConnell's Senate Leadership Fund $10 and $5 million checks. Australian Nazi Rupert Murdoch gave McConnell's superPAC another $2 million.

Schwarzman also gave a $10 million check to McCarthy's Congressional Leadership Fund and Griffin handed over $7.5 million. Those nice fat checks don't keep the super rich from giving directly to the candidates of their choice. Giffin gave $2.5 million to David McCormick's top anti-Oz superPAC; Schwarzman kicked in half a million and another criminal sack of shit, Paul Singer gave a million.

And then there was Politico's look at crypto world. "The crypto industry," wrote Zach Montellaro, "has increasingly flexed its muscles in Washington, and major players are starting to pour significant money into super PACs that have already spent millions on the 2020 election." Joining Bankman-Fried in flexing their crypto muscles are Prime Trust LLC, a Nevada-based crypto company, which kicked in $14 million and Web3 Forward, another super PAC, got $2 million from another crypto-backed organization GMI PAC, which was backed in part by Trump aide-turned-foe Anthony Scaramucci.

Much of the cash flowing into congressional races is Dark Money. "A mysterious organization called 'Defending America Together' has also poured money into Republican Senate primaries. It gave $3 million to Pennsylvania Conservative Fund, which has attacked Oz, and $2 million to the group America’s Promise, which in turn gave over $2 million to Alabama Patriots PAC, which has supported Michael Durant in the state’s open Senate race. The groups’ FEC filings list Defending America Together’s address as a UPS store in Phoenix. A corporation with that name was registered in Delaware in January, according to state records there... The FEC also signaled on Friday that it could start cracking down on some dark money donations from companies created solely to shield megadonors’ identities." I'll believe that when I see it.

The Blue America endorsed candidates are financing their campaigns with grassroots money, one $10 or $20 contribution at a time. It's tough slog and some of those elections are coming up next month with early voting already in progress! In Ohio, Morgan Harper and Nina Turner are right up against primaries that end on May 3. And on May 17 it will be primary day in Oregon-- where we have 3 candidates-- North Carolina (Erica Smith), Pennsylvania (Summer Lee and Chris Deluzio). If you'd like to lend a hand, please click here and contribute to the extent you can to the candidates you'd like to help. And if you know any crypto billionaires, tell them to go here and transfer some bitcoins.