And Speaking Of Ratings...

Most Americans are unfamiliar with the big name politicians we discuss daily here at DWT. For example, name recognition for the putative next Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy has gone up this year, but close to a third of registered Republicans say they don't know enough about him to form an opinion! Among Republicans, his favorable rating is 44% while his unfavorable rating among Republicans is 26%. Asked by the YouGov pollsters this week who they would like to see as the next Speaker of the House, registered Republican voters have this reaction:

  • McCarthy- 22%

  • Trumpanzee- 32%

  • Some other Republican- 29%

  • Unsure- 17%

The YouGov team polls McCarthy and all the top congressional leaders every week, but this week they also polled some of the most controversial members of Congress who we talk about all the time but who are still largely unknown to the American public. I figured it would be worth looking at some of these members' favorables and unfavorables and "who they hell are they?" numbers for the folks who pop up on this blog regularly:

AOC just among Democrats:

favorable- 63%


Don't know- 24%

Ilhan just among Democrats

favorable- 51%

unfavorable- 13%

Don't know- 37%

Rashida just among Democrats

favorable- 42%

unfavorable- 10%

Don't know- 46%

Ayanna just among Democrats

favorable- 32%

unfavorable- 10%

Don't know- 58%

Joe Manchin just among Democrats

favorable- 13%

unfavorable- 54%

Don't know- 33%

Joe Manchin just among Republicans

favorable- 43%

unfavorable- 18%

Don't know- 40%

Kyrsten Sinema just among Democrats

favorable- 12%

unfavorable- 48%

Don't know- 40%

Kyrsten Sinema just among Republicans

favorable- 32%

unfavorable- 20%

Don't know- 48%

Chuck Grassley just among Republicans

favorable- 24%

unfavorable- 22%

Don't know- 54%

Liz Cheney just among Republicans

favorable- 15%

unfavorable- 52%

Don't know- 34%

Lauren Boebert just among Republicans

favorable- 26%

unfavorable- 12%

Don't know- 61%

Marjorie Traitor Greene

favorable- 33%

unfavorable- 17%

Don't know- 50%

What a pity they didn't ask about Matt Gaetz, Madison Cawthorn, Ted Cruz, Louie Gohmert and some of the other crackpots and insurrectionists making Congress into a clown show. And let's not forget Kansas moron Roger Marshall, who's trying to get supports to buy "Moron" T-shirts on his campaign website. I wish he was hawking hoodies.