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A Selection Of Twitter World's Reaction To Trump's Fake Concession

-by Noah

In a desperate, pointless, pathetic, and impossible attempt to polish up the turd that is his image and legacy, Dirtbag Donnie puked up a bizarro fake concession speech on Thursday afternoon. Watching him, it was easy to wonder what drugs he was on and who was pointing a gun at him, figuratively or literally. He did this while his own trained rats were jumping the ship. Like them, Trump's action was way too little way too late, and every bit as insincere. He even claimed to have been the one who called in the National Guard. However, the deployment of the National Guard was set in motion when, after it became obvious that the White House had decided to be AWOL, Washington's Mayor Muriel Bowser sent a request to the Army and Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy got the Guard ready and refitted. At 6:00pm, Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller gave the official OK. Other calls from House leadership to Maryland Governor Hogan were involved.

It was clear that Trump didn't write the speech. It just wasn't in his language, intelligence level, or phrasing style and he read it with no feeling or detectible comprehension. It's also important to note that Trump has taken a "this is not over-this is just the beginning" stance. Expect future domestic terrorism. I expect some of that will come in the form of escalated voter suppression tactics at selectic polling places. That is what the Republican Party has willfully set in motion.

Here are some reactions to the words of the Orange Menace To Society. Most happy. Some sad.:

1. @KoryCrompton - How bad it must hurt the seditious Trump supporters egged on by him for months, to now watch him concede and throw them under the bus for the riot he encouraged. I don't even feel a little bad. #TrumpConceded

2. @BTphoneXhome - They shot the video on green screen so it would be easier to edit out Mike Pence holding a gun to Donald Trump's head. #TeleprompterTrump #Impeach TrumpNow #TrumpConceded

3. @RedPillReport - I stand with@realDonaldTrump...the greatest President in my lifetime. #StillMyPresident (ReadPillReport is regularly posted on Parler. Say no more!)

4. @Labyrinthsmag1 - #TrumpConceded and all it took was four deaths, sixty arrests, and the first breach of the Capitol Building since 1814. What a guy! #TrumoConceded

5.@MamalehTrumpOG - Orange Is The New Gone. #BeGone #ByeDon #TrumpFailedAmerica #GOP #TrumpIsNotWell #GOPSeditiousTraitors #MAGA #MAGAIsCancelled # TrumpCrimeFamily

6. @thomasgunther13 - Jesus, folks. I have no shame in telling you I'm about to fucking cry. He was the greatest President this country's ever known. All he ever did was try to give us his best.

7. Even though#TrumpConceded..... The Cabinet & VP should *still* enact the #25thAmendmentNow. Trump's concession changes NOTHING. #25thAmendment

8. Trump literally sent his henchmen to war and then disowned them when he got in trouble for it. He never cared about his base. They were always just pawns to leverage personal political power. #TrumpConceded

9. @SweatLaura - My heart is broken today. You will be forever remembered in our home as the greatest president of all time. Thank you for all you've done & for giving us hope. You are truly legendary, Mr. President! May God richly bless you and your family. (I'm not sure if Trump is the actual writer of this one or SweatLaura is a patient in a high security insane asylum.)

10. @LordVXrp - Thank you Mr. President @realDonaldTrump. You will forever be the winner and the greatest president the USA has ever known. (This guy is also known as Lord Vendetta. I believe he lives in the room right next to SweatLaura at the same asylum.)

11. @The PlumLineGS - Okay, he conceded, and came as close as he'll ever get to admitting he legitimately lost. Given the stilted, scripted nature of this, would love to know whether cabinet members demanded he do this or face mass resignations or the 25th. That is how they got him to do this.

12. @IvankaTrump - "This moment calls for healing and reconciliation. We must revitalize the sacred bonds that bind us together as one national family." @realDonaldTrump (Fuck youIvanka. This moment calls for you and all of the Trump Crime Family and all of your enablers in Congress and the White House to be tried and convicted for treason and placed in solitary in a far away dungeon. You can all eat bigly bugs and rats for the rest of your days.)

13. @awzucher - Teleprompter Trump has spoken. There are 13 days left in his presidency for the unscripted Trump to return.

14. @QasimRashid - It took 65 days, 63 court rejections, a 9-0 SCOTUS loss, a white supremacist insurrection on Capitol Hill that resulted in 4 deaths, 1 police officer death, 57 officers injured, 68 arrests, and at least 2 bombs---but it appears Trump has finally conceded the election.#TrumpConceded

This might be better:


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