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A Journal Of A Plague Year, Part 6-- Republican Sheep Flock To Their New Oracle And Sniff The Gas.

-by Noah

For years, the Republican Party has worked hand in glove with FOX "News," aka GOP TV. In fact, the whole enterprise was birthed in paranoia and drawn up 50 years by Nixon acolyte and loathesome sex predator Roger Ailes who brought it to fruition years later with financial backing from Austraia and Saudi Arabia. Since then, while dedicating itself to a white supremacy agenda and scaring the bejesus out of seniors and "the poorly educated" suckers that vote for anything with a R next to its name, the channel has created an alternate reality that many (but not enough) in the mainstream media refer to as Earth 2. I just call it what it is, what all of Republican World is, Kookville. The people and things these poor, critically challenged sheep believe! It's bad enough when people trust corporate Dems but when it comes to the denizens of Kookville, if FOX "News" says the Clintons murdered Vince Foster, their viewers chant it like a mantra. If they say vigilante Kyle Rittenhouse is an American hero and we need more people like him, their viewers chant it like another mantra, and on and on.

Ah, but come the great year of 2020, FOX "News" just wasn't kooky enough for republicans and their voters! The whole madness of being a Republican is like a drug, and like all drugs, eventually your sick body or mind needs more, more, more. Going to 10 isn't enough. You need to go to 11, or even 12. And when a small portion of the FOX "talent" wasn't 100% buying into the Republican Party fatted orange calf's pre and post election conspiracy mongering, the fatted orange calf said FOX "News" wasn't hard right looney enough, well, the sheep followed Dear Leaders directions. They went to internet conspiracy channel Newsmax. It was an easy switch for any Republican. They had already adopted the conspiracy lifestyle by following QAnon and helping the Republican Party run and elect QAnon candidates. What was not to like if you were a republikook? Now, the only thing left to wonder is how long before they turn on their newly cherished conspiracy media because they find that it, too, isn't as crazy as they are.

I've been subscribing to Newsmax for a while because it's good to sometimes know what the crazies who live next door are thinking. I won't bother examining any of Newsmax's stories here. There's no need. I think giving you just a small selection of their headlines will fill you in more than enough. I get them every day in my email and often check out the "articles." Often, Newsmax groups two or three together for extra impact! Warning: Persecution Complexes Abound! Paranoia is king! If you live on Earth 2, these headlines might even make some kind of sense. I'll save America One Network and World Net (Nut) Daily for some other time. Enjoy!

  • Christian Persecution With Biden Win!

  • How Can We Restore Our Liberty?

  • See Trump Live, Biden Scandals, Dick Morris On Polls!

  • Kamala Eyed For Election Crime, Trump Junior Hits Media-Dem Alliance, Border Wall Is Working!

  • Trump: Biden Ending Oil Industry!

  • No Female Socialist President!

  • Trump Hits Hunter Scandal! Trump's Strong Record! New Iran Sanctions!

  • Debate Night: Trump Coming Out Swinging!

  • Pope Backs Same Sex Unions!

  • Polster Who Called Trump's '16 Win: He'll Win Again!

  • 2nd Hunter Laptop!

  • Twitter Blocks Trump Advisor: President Kamala; Conservatives Attacked!

  • Biden Snaps!

  • Kudlow: Biden Will 'Decimate' Economy!

  • Facebook, Twitter Donate 91% To Dems!

  • Trump: Bidens Are Grifters, Crooks! Pompeo Moving Fast On Hillary Emails!

  • Biden Son-in-Law In Covid Conflict!

  • Roger Stone Wants Trump To Declare Martial Law If He Loses.

  • Report: Rioters Coming To Suburbs!

  • Don Jr. Warns Of 'Trojan Horse' For Socialism!

  • Trump: 'I'm In Great Shape'; Kudlow: Stimulus Recovery Not Needed!

That's 21 headlines, just from the last 4 months, a 21 gun salute to the Newsmax Asylum. It's more than enough to give you an idea of how the fractured minds of those behind Newsmax work. It's also more than enough to tell us why republicans are following their psychotic icon and flocking to it. MAGA propeller beanies for all!

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