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A Confederacy Of Shit-Throwing Monkeys, 2022 In Review, Part 4-- GOP Quotes Of The Year, 2.0

by Noah

Republican World is not sending us their best, or, well, maybe they are. Republican World is apparently some sort of Twilight Zone style trans-dimensional world that has been sending us an endless parade of nazi freaks. Boebert, Cruz, Biggs, McConnell, Gaetz, Giuliani, Meadows... you know the names. They wouldn't even fit in a complete set of old-style encyclopedias at 5 point type. Here's some more of their "Best Words" of 2022, U.S. $enate Edition:

1. RNC Chairbaboon Ronna Romney McDaniel: "I am proud to call Herschel Walker a friend and I know he will make a fantastic Senator for Georgia. He has my full endorsement, but can he count on yours?" Really, do you need to know anything more about Ronna Romney McDaniel than the fact that she's a Romney and that she would publicly state that she endorsed Herschel Walker for $enator from Georgia and thinks you should, too? She actually sent this out in a mass email to millions of Americans and, not for a second, did it seem odd to her or wrong in the least. She's proud? On what planet or in what dimension would this actually indicate that the person saying it is sane? Somehow this woman needs to meet a giant street sweeper real fast.

2. Newly Elected Ohio $enator J.D. Vance: "If you wanted to kill a bunch of MAGA voters in the middle of the heartland, how better to target them and their kids with this fentanyl. It does look intentional. It's like Biden wand to punish people who didn't vote for him." Well, alrighty, J.D.!! Yeah, baby! Speak your truth! Isn't great to receive such a clear picture of a Republican mind. But don't give ol' J.D. credit for such a paranoid idea. He was simply copying Tucker Carlson who's been saying the same thing.

3. Once More From Ohio's Latest Pride & Joy, J.D. Vance: “I gotta be honest with you, I don’t really care what happens to Ukraine one way or another,” He said that on Steve Bannon's "War Room" podcast. Of course he doesn't care. That's part of his Republican Essence!

4. Wisconsin $enator & Domestic Terror Cheerleader Ron Johnson: "The press is so unbelievably powerful and the left has infiltrated every institution of this country. They started with the college and university system. So they control colleges of education and journalism and law. And they’ve infiltrated every agency. They’ve infiltrated religions. They’ve infiltrated everything and now we’re seeing the results of that.” Hey, that's me! Call me an infiltrator? A traitor calling me an infiltrator? It's tragic that Ronald Reagan emptied out the insane asylums. Because of that, total fruitcakes like Ron Johnson are considered normal, at least in Republican World. And to think that this country spends so much time worrying about who's crossing from Mexico into Texas but not about how any crazy person can proclaim his embrace of racism as a lifestyle and just put on a suit and tie and cross the Wisconsin border into America, go to Washington, and be treated with even an ounce of respect!

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