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A Confederacy Of Shit-Throwing Monkeys, 2022 In Review, Part 2-- GOP Quotes Of The Year, 1.0

by Noah

Every year, I like to post some typical examples of the words that spew out of the minds and mouths of Republicans. I suppose I could write a few hundred words about the insanity they utter but "Quotes Of The Year" is just so damn easy and to the point. It's just a quick picture of the party and the total baboon that said the words. So, without further ado-

1. Traitor Donald Trump: "I don't fucking care if they have weapons. They're not here to hurt me!"

True this quote is actually from 2021, January 6, 2021 to be exact, but I'm starting off with this quote because it has echoed through all of 2022 and will continue to do so. It not only tells us that Trump didn't and doesn't care about anyone but himself, it also reveals that inciting murder was part of his plan to overthrow the government. He considered the people with guns on that day to be part of a personal army. Never forget that that is the kind of thinking that 74,000,000 republican voters loved him for, and, judging from their nodding silent approval, still do.

2. $enate Minority Leader Moscow Mitch McConnell: "If you look at the statistics, African-American voters are voting in just as high a percentage as Americans."

Man, that's a pretty good example of a Republican feeling that African-Americans just aren't real Americans or fully American. No wonder they always yap about following the founding fathers who counted black folks as only three-fifths human. And, who better to follow Traitor Don than his fellow traitor and right hand man, Moscow Mitch. Incredibly naive people like to point out that Mr. Moscow has said some at least mildly disapproving things about his master since J-6 but, as I always say, that's just for show. It's "cover my ass" stuff. If he wasn't Traitor Don's #1 American ally before the $enate's vote on the verdict in the first impeachment trial of his buddy, McConnell sure made sure he was on that day when he rallied his fellow traitors in the $enate to vote to keep Trump in the oval office and thus position their Dear Leader for the attempted coup and the chance to fulfill the GOP dream of President Trump For Life. Cause and Effect = Truth. Never mind the smoke and mirrors. McConnell even doubled down by saying that any suggestion that he was being the racist that he is was "deeply offensive." The laughter could be heard around the world.

3. Pastor Mark Burns, A GOP candidate for the House Of Representatives from South Carolina: "God is raising armies that we are going to start having civil disobedience in America!"

A word of advice: Anytime a pastor aligns with the Republican Party, you'd best check for a tail and the smell of sulphur on their clothing. Traitor Don even had him speak at the 2016 Cleveland Kook Fest Republican Convention in 2016 and calls him his "personal pastor." Isn't that swell? Burns didn't make it to the House but only because his would be constituents already had another traitor (William Timmons) in place. Still, it's always nice to know when and how these freaks and kooks reveal themselves. Now, if only someone in South Carolina could teach Pastor Burns how to write a more coherent sentence. In South Carolina? To be fair, and I'm always fair, I won't say "Not a chance." I'll just say "Highly doubtful." I mean, come on, they consider Trump fantasy succubus Lindsey Graham to be their finest representative and they sent him to Washington so he can soil America's TV screens every chance he gets.


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