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Mark Neumann For Congress - It's Time

I'm a not so retired Boomer, who transitioned from a 35-year history of medical practice to a life of political activism for whatever years may be left. The tipping point was January 20th, 2017.

I am a candidate in the Wisconsin 3rd Congressional District primary election.

I am a "we" oriented person who is motivated to seek progressive solutions that serve all members of our communities. Like Paul Wellstone said, "We all do better when we all do better."

I believe that we need healthcare financing reform (Medicare for All), aggressive environment response to our climate change emergency (assertive energy resource innovation), security based on our fundamental American values of freedom and fairness, and justice based on an essential respect for everyone's personal dignity -- right to choose, end the war on drugs; end mass incarceration; provide public education from childcare to post-graduate; provide parental newborn care paid leave; establish supply management for farmers; regulate gun ownership; celebrate and cherish all cultural traditions, race identities, gender identities and human heritages; regularized immigration status for all residents in our territories and establish a path to citizenship; statehood for D.C.; statehood referendum for Puerto Rico; solve housing crisis; fully fund Veterans Administration services to our veteran soldiers; protect every person's voice and counted vote; protect workers' right to form unions; establish livable minimum wage; and more.

Dr Mark Neumann
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