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Your Cartoon Special Of The Day! Traitor Don Trump's Next Cabinet

-by Noah

Yep! There he is, Michael Q. Flynn, aka one of Traitor Don's "Best People" straight from the Republican Party Cesspool Of Treason. Traitor Don has already told us he aims to be a dictator and surround himself with a battalion of yes man and national security risks like Mike Flynn. What will the title be? Secretary Of State? Vice President? Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs? All three? The mind boggles. Putin's mind rejoices. It's the Republican way. That I can tell you!


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05 janv.

It is far more likely that all staff positions will more closely reflect what hitler used than what we currently are familiar with. The first and foremost quality they'll have to display is blind and rabid loyalty to der pumpkinfuhrer, for which there will be an oath. I bet those who take it will actually keep it. Not like your pussy democraps, none of whom have done shit to honor their oaths to the constitution in 55 years. Competence will not likely be important. Flynn is likely to own a staff title of some sort. But what that is won't be known until later.

You support corrupt pussies for 55 years and run a rusty anvil that excites absolutely nobody…

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