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Wonder How The GOP Maintains 50-50 Support Despite Their Agenda & Despite Their Flawed Candidates?

The new YouGov poll for The Economist shows a dead-heat between Democrats and Republicans in the generic congressional polling— 45% (Democrats)- 44% (Republicans) among registered voters and 47% (Democrats)- 46% (Republicans) among likely midterm voters. Independents in this poll are breaking slightly in favor of Republicans— 38% to 36% for Dems. And the most current FiveThirtyEight average of generic congressional polls shows the same dead-heat: Democrats 45.0%, Republicans 44.2%.

Wonder what the Republican Party is showing audiences that keeps their hideous candidates-- and brand-- up in the polls? The new TV ad above was just released in Georgia by MAGA Inc, Trump’s new SuperPAC. MAGA Inc bought $750,000 worth of spots. Not a mention of their damaged goods candidate— just an attack on the Democrats, Biden and incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock. In a way it could serve as a generic ad model for the Republican Party's 2022 campaign. It’s all fear-mongering distortions and outright lies: “From D-Day to drag queen story time, America has lost its way. Radical Democrats are indoctrinating our children to hate America— opening our borders and crushing working people with taxes.” That’s the essence of their final message to American voters. It may work, although so far Georgia voters seem be turning away from Herschel Walker. These are the 3 most recent public polls of the Georgia Senate race:

Overnight, the Daily Beast reported on a MAGA rally in DC yesterday that flopped spectacularly, the second epic failure in two weeks. No one showed up. Reporter Zach Petrizzo wrote that “Fervent supporters of Jan. 6 defendants, a MAGA-loving fashion designer, and a rough-and-tumble gentleman dressed in early colonial garb were just a few of the characters back outside the Capitol, equally upset at President Joe Biden and over Capitol rioters remaining behind bars. Despite their attempts to draw in the MAGA faithful by playing Donald Trump speeches ahead of their first speaker, the ‘Stop the Tyrants & Unite for Freedom’ gathering flopped. Even with frequent Steve Bannon podcast guest Matt Braynard in attendance, a mere 27 individuals— including two hired private security guards— showed up.”

The organizers blamed the lack of attendance on sinister forces for forcing e-mail invitations into spam folders. John Paul Moran, founder of the organizing group GOUSA, declared the event a success and asked the attendees to join him at Harry’s Bar, a far-right Proud Boy hotspot in the city, for happy hour.

Help defeat Herschel Walker and Trump's other degenerate picks for the Senate here at the Blue America 2022 Senate page. It's not too late to make a difference.

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