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With Sad Sacks Like Haley, DeSantis & Christie, No Wonder Many Repugs Embrace "So God Made Trump"

Satan The Deceiver by Chip Proser

The clownish Chris Christie had been urged to get out of the race to make way for Nikki Haley to beat Trump in New Hampshire. Believing he had something worthwhile to say about Trump that someone would listen to, he resisted… and then, when it looked like he’d have get to gigs by Uber and stay at Motel 6s—he just gave in— and up. His sacrifice is not likely to do Haley any good, despite all the wishful thinking by NeverTrump Republicans. She’s destined to lose badly everywhere, even if she does ok in New Hampshire. Trump is pulverizing her in her own state. The most recent South Carolina polling (Emerson, last week) looks like it will end her campaign:

Meanwhile, Christie, who was up on his high horse talking about “character”— a joke coming from a bridge-shutting, beach-shutting hack like him— has been urged to prove his mettle by endorsing Joe Biden. He says he wants to stop Trump and that’s the only way to do it. It’s more likely that he’ll run as a No Labels spoiler candidate, which is just as likely ti help Trump as hurt him.

Many Republicans, completely aware of the dangers Trump poses to the country and to democracy, will endorse and support him anyway. Look at Chris Sununu. He has endorsed and very actively campaigned for Nikki Haley, but he admits that when Haley loses, he’ll be voting for Trump… even if he’s convicted of the crimes he’s been charged with. That isn’t just Sununu; that almost almost all of them, a handful of exceptions like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger.

“So God made Trump.” This ad below isn’t a parody. The Trump campaign made it and pushed it out to weak-minded Iowa voters. Remember in 2016 when Trump was campaigning in Iowa and he said in regard to Ben Carson’s redemption story, “How stupid are the people of Iowa? How stupid are the people of the country to believe this crap?” This ad is a reflection of that Trumpist anti-Christian sentiment:

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1월 12일

You totally misunderstand the "mind" of the typical nazi voter. They've been yearning for a nazi messiah for 90 years; someone who they believe in unconditionally for no logical reason. He's lily white aryan descended from germans, is unencumbered by any traditional morals at all, is a racist (maybe the most attractive trait), is openly a lothario and rapist (like slick willie, except he brags about it), has committed crimes his entire life and dared the pussies to do something about it, is a bully, is a retarded moron, is fat, and was adopted as savior by the powers that self-declared within the christian churches. IOW, he's just like how they all want to be.

In a world formerly run…

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