Will Madison Cawthorn Bring Down Kevin McCarthy? He Can If He Wants To... Ready For DARK MAGA?

As we saw the other day, Cawthorn's got the goods on McCarthy. People are fascinated by Madison Cawthorn's life and his short, brutish political career-- even if people see it as a career of evil-- inspires people. He should get someone to ghost-write a book for him and then sell the movie rights to Netflix. Quick. This kind of book can be turned around in a month. I'd do it for him, as long as he agrees to be completely honest and forthcoming.

And his p.r. team and indiscretions ensured that there are plenty of graphics available. Speaking of which, I certainly knew I had to keep the Madison Cawthorn DownWithTyranny graphics file, since I had a very strong suspicion we haven't seen the last of him, not by a long shot. No fading away into the shadows for Madison.

Today there was a hint on Cawthorn's Instagram account that he may be contemplating just such a revenge move. Right after voting against the gasoline anti-price gauging bill, he posted this-- pointedly leaving off Lauren Boebert, who abandoned him in his time of need, and his own congressional recruits who betrayed him, Bo Hines (NC) and Jake Bequette (AR):

Only 4 members of Congress stood by him while McCarthy was driving him out of Congress, Marjorie Traitor Greene (GA), Paul Gosar (AZ), Matt Gaetz (FL) and Randy Paul (KY). The rest of teh Gang-Greene just faded away. And where was North Carolina neighbor, the closeted nebbish, Patrick McHenry, who's been trying to get in his pants for 2 years and who started this whole mess by inviting Cawthorn to an orgy?

As for Boebert, the same group (American Muckrakers PAC) that released the video of a nude Cawthorn humping a pillow-- and then persuaded a brain-dead media that it portrays Cawthorn having sex with another man-- is focussing on Boebert now. They threatened to expose some stuff about her on Twitter today and they're soliciting other stuff that can be weaponized against her. ""We helped fire Madison Cawthorn. Now it's Lauren Boebert's turn."