Why Are Prescription Drugs Still So Outrageously Priced?

Trump's supporters didn't care about this lie-- but Biden's supporters will go nuts if he turns out to have lied about it too

Social Security Works commissioned a poll from Data for Progress to find out what likely voters are thinking about the importance of Medicare drug price negotiation. I'm certain the results didn't surprise them. 59% of respondents agreed that "Congress should move urgently to lower the cost of prescription drugs by allowing Medicare to negotiate the cost of prescription drugs, even if this law is passed with the votes from just one party." So much for bipartisanship in the real world. Just 32% agreed that "It is important that Congress finds a bipartisan solution to the cost of prescription drugs, even if reaching a bipartisan deal means it will take longer to reach an agreement and the cost savings might not be as large."

Data For Progress also just finished a national poll of likely voters for Invest in America, testing support for passing the American Jobs Plan and the American Families Plan. Again-- most voters just want it done and even if they like the idea bipartisanship, they prefer passage over the bullshit excuses being puked out by Manchin, Sinema and Biden. Voters know what reconciliation is and they want the Democrat's to use it to pass the Biden agenda-- apparently more than Biden does. And they're savvy enough to understand it's the Republicans who are blocking bipartisan congressional action on the bills. Most voters agreed that taxing corporate profits is the way to pay for these improvements.

89% of Democrats, 56% of independents and even 37% of Republicans (!!) want to Democrats to get around McConnell and the Senate Republicans' obstruction by using reconciliation. They want the two bills passed-- and they want them NOW:

Again, when it comes for paying for the improvements 52% of Americans want to see corporate profits taxed-- including 69% of Dems, 55% of independents and 33% of Republicans.

And who do they blame for the obstruction and an inability to come to a bipartisan agreement? Congressional Republicans, naturally.

Nor do voters agree with the conservative and Republican Party positions cutting back on the scope of the Biden agenda:

Gallup was out in the field asking America adults about their preferences regarding the government's role in healthcare. Overwhelmingly (81%), Americans want to see the government negotiate drug prices. Even most Republican voters agree, even if their corrupt representatives in Congress uniformly do not!

And 90% of Americans agrees that drug pricing needs major cost cutting reforms. Republican arguments that lower prices will mean less innovation fails to impress many people. So why is it taking so long for Congress to move? The pharmaceutical industry pays off the GOP and enough corrupt conservative Democrats from the Republican wing of the Democratic Party (Blue Dogs, New Dems, Problem Solvers, Third Way... all the crooks) to stall and prevent bills from ever being voted on.