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Who Will Get The Blame For Bringing Back The Military Draft?

Only one Democrat voted with the Republicans on their latest anti-Choice legislation— and Henry Cuellar, who will be in prison on bribery and corruption charges soon, is hardly Democrat anyway. Unfortunately, when the Democrats got 2 shots to dump him for a pro-Choice progressive, Pelosi and her geriatric leadership crew stepped in to demand House Democrats rally round the GOP’s longtime favorite Democrat. Anyway, as unpopular anti-Choice legislation is among the Democratic base is, there’s another issue completely hated by the Democratic base as well, one that conservative Dems are working with the GOP to make “bipartisan.” And that’s bringing back the draft. Moron, AIPAC-endorsed war-monger and conservative shithead, Chrissy Houlahan (New Dem-PA) has been working with the GOP to require all men ages 18 to 25 to be automatically signed up for the draft. Her proposal “would mean that men would be automatically registered for the draft when they turn 18. Under current federal law, all American male citizens and green card holders 18 to 25 years old must register with the Selective Service, but the requirement to do so falls on individuals. Those roles would be the basis of a military draft if Congress or the President decided to implement one, which Houlahan’s proposed measure does not address.”

It would be a terrible political mistake for “the Democrats” to be seen leading on this— a be seen as a complete betrayal by then party base, especially by young voters, just the way the idiotic TikTok legislation is, in which Biden is now being blamed for what was essentially a Republican program. (The same thing happened with the catastrophic NAFTA legislation, which was a George HW Bush bill that Democrats blocked when he was president and then passed when Clinton set Rahm Emanuel loose on them. The Democratic Party lost millions of working class American voters over that Republican treaty that they were blamed for.) 

Just look at this headline on a far right, pro-Putin GOP propaganda site: HERE WE GO… Democrat War Pig Proposes Automatic Registration for Wartime Draft. Jim Hoft wrote that “Democrat Representative Chrissy Houlahan is pushing a proposal that automatically registers men for the draft when they turn 18. Rep. Chrissy Houlahan is a Democrat representing Pennsylvania’s 6th Congressional District. Houlahan is a former Air Force officer. Joe Biden and Democrats are itching for a war with nuclear Russia.”

Houlahan is an idiot who shouldn’t be in Congress to begin with. She’s been representing a safe blue district (D+9 partisan lean) since being elected in 2018— all of Chester County and the part of Berks that includes Reading and its southeastern suburbs. Biden beat Trump by 15 points. The district would certainly support someone more progressive— and smarter— than Houlahan.

Pushing her legislation on the floor, Houlahan said “By using available federal databases, the [Selective Service] agency will be able to register all of the individuals required and thus help ensure that any future military draft is fair and equitable. This will also allow us to rededicate resources— basically that means money— towards reading readiness and towards mobilization…rather than towards education and advertising campaigns driven to register people.” In 2021 she tried, unsuccessfully, to also pass legislation to force women to register for the draft.

When the overall NDAA was voted on Friday— $895 billion and filled with insane GOP anti-Choice, anti-LGBTQ and anti-diversity amendments— on 6 of the worst, most conservative fake Democrats voted for it. It passed 217 to 199. The 6 Dems who went along were, of course Cuellar plus Blue Dog chairs Jared Golden (ME), Mary Peltola (AK) and Marie Perez (WA) plus rank and file Blue Dogs Vicente Gonzalez (TX) and Don Davis (NC). Even Houlahan found it unpalatable— as much as she wanted to vote for the draft that was included. Three Republicans from the Putin wing of the GOP— Marjorie Traitor Greene (GA), Thomas Massie (KY) and Matt Rosendale (MT)—also voted NO.



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