Who Will Be The Next Mayor Of L.A.?

Goodwin Simon Strategic Research did some L.A. polling, for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation this week, primarily on homelessness. Towards the end of the survey, there were a couple of questions-- almost gratuitous-- about the mayor's race. It's early and a plurality of registered voters are undecided but, the most progressive candidate among potential candidates polled, Kevin deLeón, is leading:

  • City Councilman Kevin DeLeón- 13%

  • City Councilman Mark Ridley Thomas- 11%

  • State Senator Bob Hertzberg- 9%

  • City Attorney Mike Feuer- 8%

  • Jessica Lall- 8%

  • City Councilman Joe Buscaino- 7%

The pollsters also found that DeLeón has a 10 to 16 point early lead over Feuer, Buscaino, and Ridley-Thomas in two- way matchups, driven by strong support from Latino voters (54% to 62% depending on the matchup). He also leads by 5 to 7 points among white voters in these matchups. Black voters divide for Ridley-Thomas by two to one when matched against DeLeón."

Although Buscaino, the conservative in the race, has a consultant who has been running around for two weeks claiming his candidate is the hands down favorite... well, I'm sure every other candidate hopes they'll face Buscaino in the runoff, since he's the weakest candidate of all. If the election was today DeLeón would beat him 37-23%-- with 39% undecided.

Buscaino reminds me of Dan White.