What Do We Do About Idiots Who Don't Understand Climate Change & Vote To Melt The Rest Of Humanity?

The NY Times ran this map on Tuesday. It shows political support for Climate Action. Two writers reported that 61% of the voters want Congress to take action to address global warming. The map shows which congressional districts’ residents are out of sync with the country and should lose their right to vote forever so that they stop endangering humanity. Their minor children should be tested to see if their parents passed along mental derangement before they are allowed to vote. Two of the states, Wyoming and North Dakota, each has an at-large congressional district, Wyoming’s about to be held by some Trumpist crackpot, Harriet Hageman, when she replaces Liz Cheney in January. North Dakota’s is Kelly Armstrong. As long as we’re on the subject, let me just say that Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota have 6 senators combined to represent their 2,247,682 mostly ignorant, low-IQ residents. The 3 states should be combined into one state— Dakota. Instead of 6 crackpot extremist senators representing empty stretches of land, Dakota would have 2 senators, representing as many people as New Mexico’s two senators do, which has around the same population.

The other districts where the residents are too stupid to understand climate change are Nebraska’s 3rd, which is represented by right-wing closet case Adrian Smith, Missouri’s third district, which is represented by notorious bribe-taking machine Blaine Luetkemeyer, Alabama’s 4th and reddest, represented by Robert Aderholt, Kentucky’s 5th (Hal Rogers), Illinois’ 15, which is represented by Q-Anon sociopath Mary Miller, West Virginia’s 3rd (Carol Miller) and 4 districts in Texas, each represented by a stark-raving mad, anti-American walking freak show— Ronny Jackson in TX-13, Pat Fallon in TX-4, Louie Gohmert in TX-01 and Brian “the dentist from Hell” Babin in TX-36. Congress would be better off without these 12 members and America would be better off without those 12 districts and most of the people in them.

A little harsh? The Times reported that even with Manchin’s defection “if one Republican senator had joined the rest of the Democrats to pass the climate legislation, it would have altered temperatures on the planet, Dr. Leiserowitz said. Every fraction of a degree of warming brings greater risk of new catastrophes, scientists warn, like deadly heat waves, wildfires, extreme drought and increasingly powerful and destructive storms. But by voting with Democrats on climate, Republicans would potentially risk their political futures.”

“Politics today is increasingly driven by base politics, so it’s not about catering to the average opinion of the voter in your state,” Dr. Leiserowitz said. “You’re going to get crucified by your right flank if you’re a Republican, as you will have crossed the fossil fuel industry, the small government groups, the nativists. That’s the stranglehold of our current system. It’s that people are trapped by their own extremes.”
Americans also look to another group of government leaders to do more on climate change: The state and local ones. The 2021 analysis found that 57 percent of Americans wanted their governor to do more to address global warming, and 59 percent wanted the same of local officials. Indeed, since the collapse of climate legislation last week, combined with a recent Supreme Court decision limiting the federal government’s power to regulate planet-warming emissions, state and local levels of government are among the remaining ways for the United States to fight global warming.

Not related at all... except not is, is the issue of lowering the cost of pharmaceuticals. Data For Progress released this poll yesterday. 83% of Americans-- including even 81% of the morons who admit to being Republicans-- support giving Medicare the power to negotiate lower prices for prescription drugs. 5% of Democrats (the Manchin-Sinema faction), 7% of independents and 10% of Republicans disagree. There was no geographic breakdown. But do you doubt that the imbeciles who want higher drug prices come from the same congressional districts where people don't support efforts to ameliorate the climate crisis?