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Was Yiddish-Kabuki Theater Ever A Thing? Did AIPAC Write Schumer’s “Anti”-Netanyahu Speech?

Chuck Schumer Will Always Be Pro-Genocide

Chuck Schumer and I grew up in the same neighborhood of Brooklyn and went to the same elementary and high schools. We didn’t go to the same synagogue but we ate in the same deli. And our grandparents were— metaphorically-speaking— from the same shetls in the Pale, the part of the Russian Empire where Jews were allowed to reside (mostly modern-day Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania and eastern Poland). And we both grew up in a milieu that extolled Israeli Jews as heroes and dehumanized Arabs. Jen Perelman, the progressive Democratic congressional candidate taking on conservative Zionist Debbie Wasserman Schultz in Broward County, has spoken about the phenomenon eloquently.

For all the whining about Congress not passing military aid budgets for Ukraine, Taiwan and Israel, only Ukraine and Taiwan are losing out. Israel is receiving U.S. military equipment and ammunition to help its genocide campaign in Gaza every 36 hours— Biden, Schumer, MAGA Mike and Hakeem Jeffries are making sure of that. Only something between a quarter and a third of American voters are supportive of America’s role in Israel’s genocide against Palestinians in Gaza but “Israel’s assault on Gaza,” wrote Stephen Semler of the Security Policy Reform Institute, “continues because Biden thinks it should continue. If he thought otherwise, he would shut down the weapons pipeline he constructed to enable it.”

Yesterday, Schumer’s office hyped a big announcement he would make. It was some more bullshit the Democrats cooked up to take the genocide onus off them, primarily because Democratic voters have figured out the scam and are telling pollsters they don’t approve of the job Biden is doing. There is genuine fear in the Democratic establishment that enough Democratic voters in Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona and Pennsylvania will stay home that Trump will bounce back into the White House despite having an agenda far, far worse than Biden’s. 

Schumer’s announcement was not the cessation of arms shipments to Israel— not even close. It was just some p.r. concoction calling for Netanyahu to step down as prime minister. Introducing himself as “a guardian of the people of Israel,” he surely ran it by Netanyahu (via AIPAC) in advance to be sure it wasn’t in any way harmful. NBC called it “the most significant criticism made by a U.S. leader against the Israeli government since its war with Hamas began,” showing the success of the p.r. outreach, especially coming from “the highest-ranking Jewish official in the U.S.” NBC also noted that Schumer “expressed support for a temporary cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, as President Joe Biden has been pushing for, saying it ‘would allow for the return of hostages and humanitarian relief of suffering Palestinians.’ He said he's against a permanent cease-fire because he said it would only allow Hamas to ‘regroup and launch further attacks on Israeli civilians. There can never be a two-state solution if Hamas has any significant power,’ he said.” It could easily have been written by AIPAC or even the Likud.

Not his job

I didn’t mean to single out NBC News. The NY Times— and pretty much everyone else in the media— fell for the same shtik, as sadly transparent as it was.

Many Democratic lawmakers have condemned Netanyahu’s leadership and his right-wing governing coalition, and President Biden has even criticized the Israeli military’s offensive in Gaza as “over the top.” But Schumer’s speech amounted to the sharpest critique yet from a senior American elected official— effectively urging Israelis to replace Netanyahu.
“I believe in his heart, his highest priority is the security of Israel,” said Schumer, the highest-ranking Jewish elected official in the United States. “However, I also believe Prime Minister Netanyahu has lost his way by allowing his political survival to take precedence over the best interests of Israel.”
He added: “He has been too willing to tolerate the civilian toll in Gaza, which is pushing support for Israel worldwide to historic lows. Israel cannot survive if it becomes a pariah.”
Schumer’s speech was the latest reflection of the growing dissatisfaction among Democrats, particularly progressives, with Israel’s conduct of the war and its toll on Palestinian civilians, which has created a strategic and political dilemma for Biden. Republicans have tried to capitalize on that dynamic, hugging Netanyahu closer as Democrats repudiate him.
The majority leader’s remarks came a day after Senate Republicans invited Netanyahu to speak as their special guest at a party retreat in Washington. Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming, the No. 3 Republican, invited Netanyahu to address Republicans virtually, but he could not appear because of a last-minute scheduling conflict. Ambassador Michael Herzog, Israel’s envoy to the United States, spoke in his place.

Sen. Peter Welch (D-VT) took Schumer at face value. He told Punchbowl after the speech, “It’s a new era. It’s the beginning, I believe. How can we continue pretending that we back our policies when we’re saying yes to Netanyahu no matter how much he disregards them? We’re for a two-state solution, he’s against it. We’re for stopping settlements in the West Bank, Netanyahu is for it.” And Lindsey Graham was clutching his pearls and wailing, “What [Schumer] said today was earth-shatteringly bad. The majority leader of the United States Senate is calling on the people of Israel to overthrow their government.” Overthrown is a strong word and what Schumer called for— and most Israelis want— are new elections.

Please consider contributing to progressives who are under attack from AIPAC here. And, here, if you can stomach it, watch the cornball schlemiel from Kings Highway for yourself; I'd bet that this speech is not going to be be parodied on SNL this weekend:



So, the donkey, once again, is conning its own voters. It's one thing that the party excels at doing.

The SOTU was loaded with Kabuki. Biden's not going to push for the first minimum wage bill since 2007 if re-elected.* The Senate Parliamentarian was granted veto power on that issue in 2021. He also mentioned the PRO Act in the SOTU--that will be DOA in 2025, too. A federal statute codifying right to abortion (an issue where Dems at least TRY to reflect their base) will likely go nowhere.

Schumer dissing Bibi yesterday was at least a small sign of hope, but that apparently was Kabuki, too. Uncle Sam will continue to willingly finance the Ethnic Cleansing business for th…

Mar 15
Replying to

Your best summary yet, sir.

"Hawkishness on Vietnam sank HHH then (with a little help from treason from the Nixon camp), and hawkishness of Israel could sink Biden now (against an opponent who makes me nostalgic for Nixon)."

yes. But, as you must remember, it wasn't the voters in '68 who affirmed the hawks. It was the donkey mandarins (and the CMIC) alone. In that rigged convention which inspired some great protests and some despicable democrap party-incited police riots, the party ratfucked the voters. THAT is what lost HHH the white house. Yes, nixon's treason dovetailed nicely. And, as I always seem to have to remind y'all, yes, that treason went without any consequences, just as trump's treasons have.



Mar 15

Every assessment here is true. But it still doesn't go as far as it should.

Like, in this one instance, you actually make note of a democrap lying to appease voters when he has no intention of acting on his words. It's an art form perfected by your party that has all you democrap voters totally fooled. And those of you who are not fooled by THIS will still vote en masse for that same bunch of liars anyway.

You would advocate that Israel hold new elections because their current government is a mass murderer.

But you do NOT advocate for new elections in this shithole because they provide unconditional $upport for that same mass murder?

I guess it's easier…

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