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Trump Senate Candidate Sean Parnell (PA) Denied Custody Of His 3 Children Over Abuse Changes

Last week Jennifer Rubin wrote that "While it’s true that the country is more deeply divided along partisan lines than it has been in the past, it is wrong to suggest a symmetrical devolution into irrational hatred. The polarization argument too often treats both sides as equally worthy of blame, characterizing the problem as a sort of free-floating affliction (e.g., 'lack of trust'). This blurs the distinction between a Democratic Party that is marginally more progressive in policy positions than it was a decade ago, and a Republican Party that routinely lies, courts violence and seeks to define America as a White Christian nation." Hopefully that isn't a revelation to anyone reading DWT. Sure the Democratic Party is disgusting, corrupt and worthless, but they're not violent Nazis, which sums up-- along with disgusting, corrupt and worthless, what the GOP has devolved into.

[UPDATE: Parnell Just "Suspended" His Campaign]

This month we've done a few articles about Trump's penchant for supporting violent misogynists and wife beaters, as though, in his world, that behavior is perfectly normal. One was on his Pennsylvania Senate candidate, Sean Parnell, whose estranged wife successfully sued to deny him custody of their 3 children, who he also physically abused. Today, Philadephia Inquirer reporter Jonathan Tamari reported on the verdict, which Tamari speculates is "likely to deal a devastating setback to his campaign."

A judge in Butler County has awarded Parnell’s wife, Laurie Snell, primary physical custody and sole legal custody of their three children, according to a portion of a ruling made public Monday. A docket entry for the ruling said the judge found Snell to be “the more credible witness.”
Both parents were seeking primary custody in a private fight that drew national attention due to its potential impact on a critical race that could decide control of the Senate. Parnell will be allowed to have the children, ages 8 to 12, three weekends a month. The parents until now have split custody.
...Snell, also under oath, had accused Parnell of choking her, pinning her down and screaming insults at her, and once leaving her on the side of a highway while she was pregnant with their first child. She also said he had violently struck their children while flying into rages.
...Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senate race is a nationally watched contest, one of a handful likely to determine control of the chamber. Parnell, a decorated veteran who received a Purple Heart after serving in Afghanistan, was a top GOP candidate after becoming a Trump favorite during an unsuccessful run for Congress last year.

If polling proves this blow to Parnell's campaign as devastating as it sounds-- who knows; it's a Republican primary-- Parnell could drop out and other candidates who have been considering jumping in, including TV scam artist and hustler Dr. Oz, who has all but pulled the trigger, and former and current congressmen, Ryan Costello, Keith Rothfus, Charlie Dent, Dan Meuser and Glenn Thompson. So far, no defense or any other comment from Trump.

3 of Trump's violent misogynystic 2022 candidates

Unrelated: Remember Coup Plotter Charles W. Herbster?

The night before Trump's coup attempt, Nebraska fascist Charles Herbster posted this to his social media followers, naming several top-level coup plotters meeting in Trump's private residence at his DC hotel. Today he's running for governor of Nebraska and just started running an ad touting Trump's "complete and total endorsement." There are something like half a dozen candidates and potential candidates in the GOP primary. State Senator Carol Blood has the Democratic primary to herself.

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