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Trump's Sunday Rampage

One of the things that drove Trump crazy is that he could never get an infrastructure bill passed. He kept making incoherent, unfocussed half efforts to do it but he never got beyond whining and declaring infrastructure week over and over. He's seething with anger and envy now that Biden accomplished it-- and accomplished it in a bipartisan way. It's driving him mad. Without the 13 House Republicans on Friday, the bill would have failed.

Today Trump released an unhinged, misleading, frothing-at-the-mouth statement attacking the conservative bill that was backed by many Republicans in both chambers-- 19 in the Senate and 13 in the House. As usual, Mitch McConnell was a special target of his simple-minded, one-dimensional animosity. "All Republicans who voted for Democrat longevity should be ashamed of themselves, in particular Mitch McConnell, for granting a two month stay which allowed the Democrats time to work things out at our Country’s, and the Republican Party’s, expense!" He had already called them all RINOs, another constant Trumpanzee projection.

Back in August, before the Senate vote, in a another of his crackpot statements, Señor T. was threatening the members who were then considering voting for the country and their constituents rather than for his bruised ego, warning that he would use their support of the legislation as a weapon for future endorsements. "Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill is a disgrace. If Mitch McConnell was smart, which we’ve seen no evidence of, he would use the debt ceiling card to negotiate a good infrastructure package."

Early this morning, the NY Times' Jeremy Peters wrote about a conference over the weekend of the Republican Jewish Coalition (AKA, Future Kapos Of Amerika), where conservatives were overjoyed about last week's election results but quietly worried if the gains made in New Jersey and Virginia suburbs could be replicated if Trump is on the ballot in 2024. Some, like Chris Christie, "warned that Republicans who continued to give cover to his baseless claims about fraud in the 2020 election were jeopardizing the party’s recent success." Christie urged them to promote a "plan for tomorrow, not a grievance about yesterday" and said the Republican Party "would be making a grave mistake if it did not recommit itself to truth-telling."



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