Trump Out By TKO

Unless you follow MMA (mixed martial arts), porn star Jenna Jameson's sex life, the Zombie Strippers film, or local Orange County politics, you probably never heard of Jacob "Tito" Ortiz... at least not until last night when he became a national laughing stock at Trump's 9/11 scammy fights at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Florida when he got knocked out cold after 81 seconds. We'll come back to Trump's disgraceful fight scam in a moment. Let's stick with Tito for a moment.

Last November-- campaigning on a platform of running the homeless out of Huntington Beach and on emulating everything Trump-- Ortiz was elected to the City Council with 14.3% of the votes cast among 15 candidates. It was more than any other candidate, making him mayor pro-tem. That worked out badly for all concerned. The homeless are still there are Tito resigned after just a few miserable months of leading anti mask protests, insisting COVID-19 (which has killed over 5,300 people in Orange County) is just the flu and "population control" and being exposed for stealing taxpayer money by filing for unemployment insurance despite being employed. He refused to get vaccinated or wear a mask and was barred from attending City Council meetings. By the way, as of today, 99% of Huntington Beach ICU beds are filled and no more COVID patients are being accepted.

Last night-- as part of the opening act-- Anderson Silva knocked him out in the first round, ignominiously. And that brings us to the scam that Trumpanzee, Sr. and Trumpanzee, Jr. pulled off last night. While all the other living presidents were together leading a national memorial for the courageous Americans who crashed a 9/11 jet into an empty field near Shanksville, the Trump's were doing their well-practiced grifter routine. Trump, Sr has been bragging about how much he was being paid for his role in the circus by Triller (a third rate version of TikTok). They were both advertised as commentators on the pay-per-view featuring two over-the-hill boxers, Evander Holyfield and Vitor Belfort. Holyfield, who hasn't fought in a decade and has been declared brain damaged enough in California and Nevada so that the fight was turned down by both states-- Florida doesn't care about such niceties-- was also out of the fight after just a few seconds when it became apparent to the referees he was unable to defend himself. At one point he took a wild swing, missed and fell through the ropes.

Oscar de la Hoyer was supposed to fight but at Trump's insistence Holyfield was the substitute when de la Hoyer came down with COVID, at which point the California State Athletic Commission said no dice and the whole freak show moved to Florida. When tickets weren't selling, Trumpanzee, Jr announced that his father was likely to give away some secrets no one knew, not about Studio 54 but about Area 51. At $50 a pop, tons of conspiracy theorists got suckered into the scam. Trump mostly talked about himself for 3 hours before the two fights but never mentioned Area 51-- or Studio 54, where he caught several venereal diseases decades ago. He also took a moment to promote The Big Lie-- his absurd claim the 2020 election was rigged.