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Trump Must Really Hate Georgia As Much As He Disrespects The State

That Herschel Walker is the GOP candidate for the Georgia Senate seat is mostly Trump’s fault. He recruited the fairly random celebrity candidate and then insisted on it so much that the Republicans both in Atlanta and in DC just scratched their heads and let it slide. I bet they’re sorry now. Everything Trump touches turns to shit. There’s virtually nothing in his checkered background that indicates Herschel Walker should be part of government on any level, let alone a U.S. senator. It’s as though Trump were just playing a little joke on Georgia, the GOP and America. Ho! Ho! Ho! What a laugh! Like Trump, Walker is a compulsive liar.

Reporting for the Daily Beast today, Roger Sollenberger wrote about Walker’s problems with truth-telling, something Republican voters don’t seem to have problem with. Walker won 68.7% of the vote in the 5-man May 24th GOP primary. His closest opponent, Gary Black, took just 14.5%.

“When Herschel Walker’s campaign aides approached him this winter to discuss whispers that Walker had a secret child,” reported Sollenberger, “the Georgia GOP’s Senate candidate told his campaign the rumors were false. Walker’s aides already knew he was lying. They had expected him to lie, and had obtained documents in advance of that conversation verifying that Walker did indeed have another child… They handed the documents to him, and after some more back and forth, Walker finally admitted it was true. His aides asked if there were any other children they needed to know about. Walker insisted this was it.”

He was lying again— there were at least 2 more he was hiding— and a campaign advisor noted that “He’s lied so much that we don’t know what’s true.” Like Trump, lying comes as naturally to Walker as breathing does, according to another staffer. This own staff has no trust in him and Sollenberger campaign staffers have concerns that he’s not mentally fit to hold office.

Rolling Stone reported today that “It’s been revealed just in the past few months that Walker has lied about his academic record, that’s he has lied about his business record, and even that he has a secret son he doesn’t see. It was then revealed a few weeks ago that he has two more secret children… His duplicitousness has been well-documented, as are his complete lack of qualifications to hold one of the most powerful political offices in the United States. He has never held any government role in the past, and as Politico reported in May, had to receive a “crash course” in how politics works.” The only thing he’s got going for him is Trump’s endorsement, which will probably take away as many votes from him in the suburbs as it will gain for him in the backward rural parts of the state in counties where less than 30% of the people are vaccinated:

  • Long Co.- 22% fully vaccinated (62.3% Trump)

  • Charlton Co.- 26% fully vaccinated (74.8% Trump)

  • Brantley Co.- 26% fully vaccinated (90.2% Trump)

  • Wheeler Co.- 27% fully vaccinated (69.3% Trump)

  • Lanier Co.- 27% fully vaccinated (70.2% Trump)

  • Heard Co.- 29% fully vaccinated (83.8% Trump)

The latest polling shows that Georgians don't trust Walker. By a 43-39% margin, Georgians realize he's dishonest. If the election were held today, Raphael Warnock would beat him by 10 points-- 54-44%, including 62-33% among independents.

Caitlin Cruz over at Jezebel, noted that Herschel Walker’s Campaign Apparently Hates Him. “Imagine,” she wrote, “showing up for work every day, doing your best to get an accused domestic abuser elected, and every day you have no idea what will come out of said alleged wife beater’s mouth. That’s the situation that top staff of Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker’s campaign find themselves in, and they apparently hate him for it! … Walker hasn’t just lied about children— there was the time the candidate said he was a FBI-trained agent and law enforcement professional. Walker claimed to have graduated from the University of Georgia, even though he very publicly left the university to play professional football. His team had to delete that claim from the official bio. What’s weirder is that Walker claimed to have graduated in the top 1 percent of his class for years. He’s overstated his role in founding a veteran-support group called Patriot Support. Walker keeps embellishing how successful his chicken business is. Three different people independent told the Daily Beast that Herschel was a ‘pathological liar.’ And it sure seems like they’re correct!But these also, hilariously, are people responsible for getting him elected. They have ‘zero’ confidence in him and want him elected to the U.S. Senate?! That is... just incredibly fucked up. Perhaps it’s time to resign en masse, you guys.”

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