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Updated: Jan 12, 2021

-by Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman

Donald Trump needs to leave the White House NOW!!! It can happen four ways. But one thing’s clear: we can’t stand 11 more days of this deranged madman and his armed fascist coups and his totally blown COVID catastrophe. White House insiders (as they leap from the sinking ship) say Trump is “out of his mind” and “deranged” (what else is new?). Trump has access to nuclear codes that could end all human life on Earth. This fear-mongering fascist just sent a bunch of hopped-up lemmings to storm the House and Senate aiming to stop the Electoral College vote count and make him dictator for life. He said he’d join them, but of course he didn’t.

Five people have so far died. Countless more MAGA super spreaders and the cops they infected will soon pour into hospitals that can’t handle them. Trump could easily instigate further such coup attempts, especially by creating a fake “Reichstag Fire” disaster. Why did Capitol police stand down for this violent invasion? If the rioters were people of color, they’d’ve been shot dead. But officers opened barriers to let TrumpNazis vandalize the place. Some bantered and even took selfies with them. If we let Trump stick around, won’t he do it again? Did Team Trump order these cops to let the insurrection proceed? Who let TrumpNazis trash the floors and offices of the House and Senate with no police presence in sight? Who delayed calling in the National Guard which the Mayor of DC had requested long before? True to his mobster DNA, Trump threatened Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to throw him the state. He’s also let the Corona Virus spread. His deranged non-response still kills 3,000 Americans every day. Trump has botched the vaccine roll-out. He’s letting thousands be denied bed space in hospitals on the verge of collapse. With the world’s most powerful military, our people can’t get oxygen. One in every five southern Californians is now infected, along with millions more nationwide. Trump’s total lack of Pandemic caring or competence kills thousands of us daily. Best would be for Trump to immediately resign. Good luck with that one. Otherwise, we can impeach and remove him; employ the 25th Amendment, or have him arrested. All three routes are complex, time consuming, and could fail. But what REALLY won’t work is giving this unhinged madman more time to try another fascist coup, enable nuclear extinction, spread the Virus, and more. Soon enough this guy will wind up in a polyester jump suit that’ll match his hair. But in the meantime, our survival is on the line, and the clock is ticking.

——————————————— Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman co-convene the Grassroots Emergency Election Protection Coalition (www.electionprotection2024). Harvey’s People’s Spiral of US History is at; Bob’s Fitrakis Files is at

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10 gen 2021

arrest him? he's above the law. the doj says so.

pence has to be on board for the 25th, and he's not evidently. Also, over half of the cabinet officers must be in on that and several of those who might have been have quit.

impeach? that requires democraps to act. The best you can expect is for them to pretend to act, but take over 11 days, thus failing.

By the time the brown shirts overrun the inauguration, impeachment would be moot.

we'll be damn lucky if the biden admin even looks into it after they are inaugurated. He's already made those old familiar 'looking forward not backward' noises.

properly impeaching him should have been done last year. invokin…

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