Trump Is Done. Don is Gone

-by Harvey Wasserman

Watching Trump, Rudy and their Keystone Kops cabal dumpster dive the legal crapper can be fun because we know he won’t be re-inaugurated on January 20, 2021.

This could not have been said with certainty mere days ago. Technically, someone even as dumb as Rudy could chart out a legal course to get to the Supremes and win 6-3 or 5-4, as originally planned.

But politically, he ain’t gonna get there. Our nation and the world have rightfully taken to dancing in the streets. We have dethroned a dictator for all to see.

For the rest of human history, the overthrow of Donald Trump can serve as a shining example of an angry public successfully disposing of a despicable tyrant.

This exquisite human triumph was not a certainty.

Trump’s astoundingly venal stupidity has at last convinced an entire army of pivotal mid-right corporatists that our nation and species will not survive another criminal psychopath puked up by a corrupt, obsolete electoral relic.

He can’t win without them. They want him out.

So over the next four years, we have the chance to make sure this never happens again.

Our grassroots Election Protection movement must end such travesties as stripped registration rolls, sabotaged voting by mail, black box touchscreens, rigged vote counters, gerrymandering, the Electoral College, and more.

We still face two months of abject terror. This homicidal lunatic will not leave his melting position of power and privilege without grifting out every possible ounce of personal profit at public expense.

The sheets, towels, and silverware will all disappear from the White House, along with precious furniture, various national treasures, and every re-sellable artifact Trump’s mobster famiglia can grab.

Expect them to pee on every couch and carpet as they exit in signature arrogance and entitlement.

So until January 20 Trump will run out his remnant regime-clock trashing every official shred of environmental protection, financial regulation, social justice, human kindness, and judicial tolerance he somehow missed.

He’ll let his viral epidemic kill another quarter-million of us while driving what’s left of our economy to utter collapse.

No vaccine or any other virus cure will emerge until Trump arranges his personal cut.

Meanwhile his tiny hand could still push a nuclear button that should’ve been gone long ago. And he’ll let our 90+ decrepit nuke reactors spiral down to the Apocalypse with nary a care.

Trump’s obvious plan to somehow win with the Supremes is still technically possible. Since when do Trump “judges” give the slightest damn about the law?

But he’s too far behind in too many states to get there with any credibility. Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, even Georgia, have all collapsed along the route to another Bush v. Gore.

Given the cratering hatred of this guy, flipping the three or four states he’d need to get to 270 electoral votes is beyond his pale now.

Why? Basically because shy the likes of Jackson and Nixon, our nation has never really witnessed such a total jerk in his utter obscene glory.

To stage a coup, even one with a Supreme Court stamp, one must have a serious constituency to back it up.

Take the armed forces. He just purged the head of the Defense Department. With the military and his fascist MAGA militias, he could surely take control.

But what did Old Bone Spurs call our patriotic fighting men? Losers? Suckers?

Yes, the MAGA thugs are there. Yes, he did top 71 million votes.

But the almost 80 million Americans who voted against him include the tens of millions who marched for George Floyd.

The public abhorrence of all things Trump is broad and deep. A general strike, saturation marches, a relentless forever resistance…they’re are all now within the grassroots democratic arsenal.

In a face-to-face confrontation with this hugely hated terrorist tyrant, we are prepared to win.

Then there’s the fraud, tax evasion, money laundering, petty larceny, grand theft, libel, perjury, alleged sexual impositions involving some two dozen women, and accusations of outright rape from at least one (where a definitive judgment awaits a DNA sample).

We can all deeply wish that Trump becomes the first ex-president to go to prison.

He might fight extradition from Florida ... or from Russia or Saudi Arabia (but definitely not Scotland, where he is viscerally hated, and where money laundering charges may soon be filed).

So the Donald's fight to stay in the White House is the flip side of his fight to stay out of the Big House.

For the next two hard-to-bear months, this Biggest Loser will hold us all hostage. His virus could double the death toll to 250k. His greed and stupidity will further devastate an already ravaged economy. His White Supremacy will be as a burning cross on the White House lawn. He will further rape our Mother Earth. He’ll further trash our national soul. His utter depravity will threaten us all with eco-nuclear extinction.

To get through it, we need to see him as the sum total of the horrendous dictators we have imposed on so many other innocents around the globe.

Let's bow down and apologize to the rest of humankind for the obscene pain we have imposed, now packaged in full view for all to see.

Then let's construct, from the bottom up, a real democracy that transcends the curses of race, class, homophobia, misogyny, gerrymandering, the Electoral College.

Maybe then our children, grandchildren and theirs can remember this as an aberration and an object lesson…and shout out, in joyous unison: NEVER AGAIN!!!!

Harvey Wasserman co-convenes the Grassroots Emergency Election Protection Coalition at

A free pdf of his People’s Spiral of US History is available by writing me at Portions of this piece originally appeared at Reader Supported News.