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Trump Doesn't Mind If Stacey Abrams Becomes Governor Of Georgia-- As Long As Brian Kemp Loses

This past January, Republican incumbent, Senator David Perdue of Georgia, was defeated in a runoff by Democrat Jon Ossoff 2,269,923 (50.6%) to 2,214,979 (49.4%), a stunning result that shocked everyone. Perdue had raised over $100,000,000 and his allies spent close to another $200 million trying to prop him up. The Koch Brothers alone put over $16 million into the race, about the same amount the NRSC ponied up. The RNC put in over $4 million, the NRA put in over $3 million, Club for Growth over $2 million, a handful of local neo-fascist Georgia PACs financed by Big Business and billionaires, over $20 million. And McConnell's Senate Leadership Fund almost $93 million.

Allies no more

This morning, Perdue, at the behest of Señor Trumpanzee, challenged sitting governor, Brian Kemp for the Republican Party nomination. Trump hates Kemp for not helping steal the election for him and would rather see Stacey Abrams win the election (see video above) than see Kemp win again... and Perdue's challenge is likely to help guarantee exactly that. Perdue's nasty launch video blamed Kemp for his own loss and for the Republican loss of the Senate majority. Perdue, transparent in his insincerity and dishonesty to Georgia voters right from the get-go: "Look, I like Brian. This isn’t personal. It’s simple: He has failed all of us and cannot win in November. Instead of protecting our elections, he caved to Abrams and cost us two Senate seats, the Senate majority and gave Joe Biden free reign. Think about how different it would be today if Kemp fought Abrams first instead of fighting Trump."

Yesterday, when it was already clear Perdue would declare his candidacy this morning, the Daily Beast's Sam Brodey wrote about how the looming Perdue-Kemp primary will help only one person: Stacey Abrams. I guess it helps Trump as well, obsessed as he is with rage and craving revenge against Kemp.

Kemp’s team is hitting hard early, saying that Perdue is only running to “soothe his own bruised ego” after his loss at the hands of Sen. Jon Ossoff.

The Perdue-Kemp battle is the next chapter in a dramatic Georgia GOP civil war that has been largely fueled by former President Donald Trump. Trump has not forgiven Kemp for refusing to overturn President Joe Biden’s 2020 win in Georgia; the Journal Constitution reports he is “assured” of winning the former president’s endorsement.

I included the 2022 gubernatorial thermometer above in case you would like to contribute to Stacey Abrams' campaign. Trump lured Perdue into this race by promising him he would make sure he had all the money he needs to beat both Kemp and Abrams. Let's help prove him wrong... at least about the general election, less than a year away.

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Dec 07, 2021

correct. when trump is elected fuhrer of the whole reich, governors become superfluous.

And who is elected governor in GA probably won't keep their open $enate seat from flipping to nazi. And even if it stays democrap, the nazis stand to flip a half dozen other $enate seats.

and even if they don't flip the $enate, they are 110% sure to flip the hou$e, which will neuter even the lame pussified pretenses coming from a nominally democrap $enate.

he is not worried about much of anything. So punishing his "enemies" would be about all he cares about.

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