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There Is Election Fraud-- And The Culprits Are ALWAYS Republicans

Dowless (l) is going to prison; Trump crony Harris (r) isn't even being charged

Republicans assume there is voter fraud in Democratic-dominated areas because they are projecting. There is always voter fraud in Republican-dominated areas. Republicans cheat to achieve their goals and assume normal people do as well.

Our coverage of the most current saga of Republican Party career criminal, Leslie McCrae Dowless, who had already been convicted in unrelated perjury and insurance fraud cases and had served time in prison-- began 4 years ago after a crooked-- and fascist-- Trumpist loon, Mark Harris, stole first the GOP primary from incumbent Robert Pittenger and then the general election from Blue Dog Dan McCready. Harris hired Dowless to help with the dirty work nitty gritty. Tomorrow Dowless-- who also pleaded guilty to massively defrauding Social Security-- will be sentenced, possibly to as much as 15 years in prison, but probably just a fraction of that.

Dowless operated a scam in southern North Carolina that had successfully been manipulating absentee ballots when Harris hired him to do that for him in Bladen County, which Trump had won with 53.8% of the vote two years earlier. In the primary, Harris received 437 of the 456 absentee votes cast in Bladen County. It was patently absurd-- and everyone knew it.

In the general election, districtwide, Dan McCready won among mail-in absentee ballot voters by at least 16 points. But in Bladen County, he lost by 24. Dowless, Jr., led a crew of thugs who went door-to-door in Bladen County collecting-- in some cases buying-- blank or partially-completed absentee ballots, promising to finish and submit the ballots on the voters' behalf. This is an old Republican trick that they do all over the country. Harris was paying Dowless in untraceable cash-- and Dowless passed the cash on to his team for, in effect, buying the absentee ballots.

The state Board of Elections was soon investigating and at hearings Dowless' stepdaughter and, later, Harris' son, as well as some of his employees testified against him, the stepdaughter offering detailed and extensive firsthand evidence that he tampered with ballots and otherwise worked fraudulently to deliver the election for Harris. Two months later, Dowless was indicted and arrested.

Dowless, now 65, finally pleaded guilty to the election fraud case in June. Isn't it odd, though. that the powerful right-wing politicians who have hired him to commit fraud haven't been charged? And isn't always like that?


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Aug 25, 2021

yes, the nazis have committed election fraud every time since at least 2000.

and, yet, the democraps still have refused to do ONE SINGLE FUCKING THING ABOUT IT!

So, I ask again... which is worse:

the nazis who commit evil at every opportunity


the democraps who are elected specifically to remedy some of that evil and always refuse (not try and fail, remember the difference) to do one goddamn thing about any of it.

was it trump, who was handed power and took even more because the democraps are feckless fascist pussies, or the democraps who were handed nearly absolute power in 2008 and refused to do jack shit with it (and again in 2020)?

In my mind, it's…

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