The Republican Party Is Targeting Marie Newman

A few days ago, the NRCC announced ten new target incumbents they're working on defeating this cycle. Most of them are a pack of conservative New Dems and Blue Dogs from the Republican wing of the Democratic Party. One of them isn't: our old friend Marie Newman, who we helped-- over the course of two cycles-- oust one of the conservative Blue Dogs, Dan Lipinski, and show the Chicagoland residents of her district what it means to have a really good member of Congress working for their interests.

Last year, Marie won her district 56.4% to 43.6%, even better than Biden's 55.5% to 42.9% win over Trump in the district. She immediately jumped into the fray, co-sponsoring Medicare-for-All, the Green New Deal, the For the People Act (HR-1), the PRO Act, DC statehood, the Equality Act, the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, and bills in favor of postal banking, student debt relief, ending the filibuster, expanding the Supreme Court...

On top of that, she has written-- either alone or with partners-- an incredibly large number of bills for a freshman, including America's Clean Future Fund Act (which would establish a new independent agency tasked with providing grants and loan guarantees for finance climate mitigation, support job creation, and encourage private investment., while providing transition assistance and workforce development programs; decarbonization transition payments to improve carbon-reduction practices; and providing low- and middle-income consumers with quarterly rebates) and two micro-loan acts that have come out of the Small Business Administration Committee, of which she is a member, and that encourages equality and efficiency in small business loans.

People who remember her getting into a fight with homophobic sociopath Marjorie Taylor Greene, might not be aware that Marie is one of the most bipartisan freshman in Congress co-sponsoring Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and Small Business Committee legislation that is utilitarian rather than "political."

"Progressive policies are proven, practical, and popular," she told us yesterday, "and I’ll keep fighting every day for the people of IL-03 to bring opportunity, equity for all and real change... I’m from the South Side of Chicago, and I’ve never been afraid of a fight. To defeat the far-right Republicans who want to take over IL-03, we need a strong grassroots army ready to get to work."

Blue America helped Marie Newman to get into Congress and she has delivered all that we had hoped for. Please consider contributing to her reelection campaign so that Marjorie Taylor Greene and the NRCC can't cut her career short and so that she can continue working for her district and for progressive values. "In the short time I’ve been in Congress, I’m delivering real results for the people of IL-03. I won’t stop fighting for progressive policies-- and no far-right conservative threat will deter me." The ActBlue thermometer on the left goes to a page that includes some of the incumbents who-- like Marie-- have been the most hardworking and effective so far this cycle. Please consider contributing what you can.