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The Republican Establishment Would Like Hillary To Run Again

I don't know that much about Joe Concha, other than the fact he's a conservative-leaning Fox News contributor and an RNC favorite. His OpEd in The Hill yesterday, Hillary 2024? Given the competition, she may be the Dems' best hope, is as loony as what he's usually going on about. Out of the blue, he basically wrote a click-bait piece saying he sees the possibility of a Hillary-Trump redux. His point was that everyone hates all the Democratic politicians-- basically, Biden, Kamala, Andrew Cuomo (what the hell? )and Mayo Pete-- so they better nominate Hillary. Like she's not unpopular. And as far as popular, the most beloved politician-- from either party-- is Bernie, of course.

Except for Fox news contributors, who would even bring up Andrew Cuomo-- or Hillary-- as a contender for the Democratic nomination? What Concha wrote was that she's "an interesting prospect to consider when looking for a viable candidate." For who to consider? Republican propagandists? Why not suggest Pelosi?

Concha used the piece to savage Biden and push out old polling numbers that don't reflect his rebounding favorability numbers. And he also was happy to take advantage of an opportunity to slime the rest of the Democratic bench. The Hill allows, happily so, him to be Faux-News-in-print. He wrote that with all the just horrible options the Democrats have-- like Andrew Cuomo, in no one's top 10 for the nomination but the RNC-- "why not Hillary? She's 74 years old [she will always be a year younger than Trump], which is like being bathed in the fountain of youth compared to Biden. And she's still stunned-- five years later-- that she actually lost to Donald Trump. In fact, she sounds no different than Trump in constantly complaining about all the reasons she lost and that, well, the election was stolen by Trump and the Russians anyway. That type of rhetoric is a big no-no for Trump, but A-OK if Hillary (or Stacey Abrams) does it. Rules are rules."

"Are we going to give in to all these lies and this disinformation and this organized effort to undermine our rule of law and our institutions, or are we going to stand up to it?" Clinton recently warned regarding the possibility of Trump taking back the White House.
And yes, that's a real possibility: Several recent polls have Trump topping Biden in a hypothetical 2024 contest. Which is stunning considering that the Democrat received more votes last year than any other presidential candidate in American history: 81 million.
One more possible sign that Hillary is dipping her toe in the 2024 pool comes in the form of her bizarre decision to read her 2016 victory speech for something called "Masterclass." It was one of the most cringeworthy things you’ll ever see.
Here we have a former first lady, senator, secretary of State and Democratic presidential nominee reading a speech for an election she lost. Of course, if the New York Times gave me an 85 percent chance of winning an election and I somehow lost to a guy who had never run for public office before, I’d have trouble absorbing it too.
But eventually one would think Hillary, more than five years later, would show some class. Some humility. Some maturity. And not talk about it so often anymore.
Instead, here she is, a losing candidate reading a five-year-old victory speech. And in case you’re asking if any losing presidential candidate had done anything like this before, the answer is no.
Since the election, Hillary has blamed her loss on misogyny, sexism, voter ID laws, Bernie Sanders, former FBI Director James Comey and Matt Lauer, along with dozens of other factors. (She hasn’t blamed neglecting to campaign in Wisconsin or deciding "I'm With Her" was a grabby campaign slogan.)
It’s a five-year public therapy session in broad daylight. And in a sane world, she would have been laughed out of the room for reading such a speech. But this felt more like a trial balloon in an effort to see if there is still an appetite for the Clinton brand.
Kamala Harris was supposed to be Biden's Plan B. She was supposed to be set up to be the first female president in our nation's history. But it's not working out for the VP, who is already seeing senior staff members jump ship at an alarming rate, presumably thanks to her poor polling.
Hillary Clinton always seemed to believe the mantle of "First Female President" was her birthright. And given how pathetic the field is on the Democratic side with or without Joe Biden, she may just get a second chance at winning the office her husband so famously made infamous.

Hillary running for president is a joke-- but it's not nearly as much of a joke as Joe Concha is. When you want to know what's going on inside the Democratic Party, you should never ask a Republican Party propaganda agent-- even if they're happening to be disguising themselves as "journalists."

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16 de dez. de 2021

wondering why neither the nazi nor the fascist media are even mentioning AOC as a possible candidate.

I know the nazis should fear her. She'd get 5% of the horny white male nazi votes just because she's so beautiful.

I also know that the democrap party fears her... it would take so much primary fraud to keep her from winning the nomination that it couldn't be covered up easily... though their voters ARE stupid enough to buy whatever steaming pile they come up with.

so... not ever mentioning her as a possible candidate makes sense.

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