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The Kiss Of Death-- Trump Endorses Another Loser: Mehmet Oz

Trump managed to squeeze a win out of North Carolina in 2020 with a 49.9% plurality. But not in Johnston County, where the circus came to town last night. There, Señor T got 61.4% of the vote. Ostensibly, he was in Selma to stump his 3 North Carolina candidates-- Ted Budd, Maddison "orgies and cocaine" Cawthorn and Bo Hines, who is hoping to supplant Cawthorn and Boebert as the most ignorant member of Congress. One of the highlights of the rally was Cawthorn-- after his revival act-- telling the audience he and Hines and Budd would defeat the "dark forces" and send Anthony Fauci to jail and impeach Biden.

But the big news at the rally had nothing to do with North Carolina at all. It was Trump's long awaited endorsement of Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania, an endorsement that horrified MAGA world. Sean Hannity, Melania, Rudy Giuliani, Ted Nugent, Wilbur Ross, John Catsimatidis, Steve Wynn, Michael Rubin and Nelson Peltz have been pressing Trump to endorse Oz, while Mike Pompeo, Hope Hicks, Larry Kudlow, Kellyanne Conway, Stephen Miller, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Ted Cruz have lined up behind David McCormick. The primary is May 17. All the recent polls show McCormick beating Oz-- but with a large plurality of Republican primary voters undecided, presumably waiting for Trump to tell them what to do. The most recent public poll-- last week >by Emerson:

  • Undecided- 33%

  • David McCormick- 18%

  • Mehmet Oz- 17%

  • Kathy Barnette- 10%

  • Jeff Bartos- 9%

  • Carla Sands- 8%

  • George Bochetto- 4%

  • Sean Gale- 3%

When undecideds were asked to which candidate they were leaning, McComick's lead increased to 6 points.

Fox's poll from last month:

So this is what Trump said in his lame, long-winded endorsement of Oz:

"This is all about winning elections in order to stop the Radical Left maniacs from destroying our Country. The Great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has a tremendous opportunity to Save America by electing the brilliant and well-known Dr. Mehmet Oz for the United States Senate. I have known Dr. Oz for many years, as have many others, even if only through his very successful television show.
"He has lived with us through the screen and has always been popular, respected, and smart. He even said that I was in extraordinary health, which made me like him even more (although he also said I should lose a couple of pounds!). He is a graduate of Harvard University and earned a joint MD and MBA from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and Wharton School of Finance. He has authored more than 350 original publications, written 8 New York Times bestsellers, and received patents for developing medical devices that have improved countless lives and performed thousands of life-saving heart operations.
"Dr. Oz is Pro-Life, very strong on Crime, the Border, Election Fraud, our Great Military, and our Vets, Tax Cuts, and will always fight for and support our under-siege Second Amendment. He will ensure America will become Energy Independent again. Dr. Oz also passionately believes in high-quality education and protecting parent involvement throughout the process. Perhaps most importantly, I believe that Mehmet Oz will be the one most able to win the General Election against a Radical Left Democrat looking to do unthinkable harm to our Country.
"Women, in particular, are drawn to Dr. Oz for his advice and counsel. I have seen this many times over the years. They know him, believe in him, and trust him. Likewise, he will do very well in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, where other candidates will just not be accepted. He knows his job is to serve every single Pennsylvanian. Dr. Oz is smart, tough, and will never let you down, therefore, he has my Complete and Total Endorsement. Good luck, Dr. Oz. our Country needs you!"

The MAGA take on Oz is that he's a pro-Choice, pro-Critical Race Theory, pro-vax, pro-trans, pro-immigration and anti-gun. Republican snowflakes tend to set their hair on fire when they watch this:

One of the most outspoken anti-Oz voices is fascist leader Steve Bannon, who asked on a recent broadcast that "How does Dr. Oz, probably the most anti-MAGA guy, and you got Fox nonstop pimping this guy out and Newsmax pimping this guy out, and that’s what it is-- how does Dr. Oz, from New Jersey, Erdogan’s buddy, floating in from Jersey, how does he become a factor in a Senate race in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania?"

Oz is generally thought to be an easier candidate for John Fetterman to beat.

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