The Country's Fate Rests In The Hands Of Georgia Voters

Can anyone take polls seriously ever again? Polling got it all wrong this year. They weren't close. None-the-less, there was a new poll out this morning from the Fox News affiliate in Atlanta. With a 3.5% margin of error, it shows a neck-and-neck race for the two January 5 Georgia Senate runoffs. Raphael Warnock (D) is leading Trumpist crook Kelly Loeffler (R) 49-48 and David Perdue (R) and Jon Ossoff (D) are exactly tied ay 49%.

Kemp's approval rating is underwater-- 44% of Georgians disapproving and just 37% approving. And it isn't only about electoral politics. Kemp followed Trump's boneheaded lead, refusing the issue mask mandates as hundreds of thousands of Georgians became infected with COVID-19. Yesterday the state reported another 4,335 confirmed cases, bringing the state total to 430,571. The number of deaths climbed over 9,000 yesterday. There are now 40,553 cases per million Georgians.

Gov. Kemp isn't on the ballot but he appointed Loeffler, a super-wealthy conservative campaign contributor with no relevant political experience and, even more important, no sense of ethics whatsoever. From the day of her appointment, she has been using her office not for the benefit of her constituents but to further enrich herself. [No one is as greedy and selfish as the ultra-rich.] Her appointment expires 2 days before the runoff. She managed to edge an even further right Trumpist, Rep. Doug Collins, in the jungle primary Nov. 3:

Don Winslow's short film, America Needs Georgia, up top tells the whole story of this runoff and why it's so important for the the country, not just Georgia. If you haven't watched yet, please do; very inspiring. And please consider clicking on the Senate thermometer above and contributing what you can to the Warnock and/or Ossoff campaigns.