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The 2023 Annual DownWithTyranny List Of Gifts For Republicans And Other Nazis, Pt. 7

Full Blown Nazi Edition!

by Noah With each passing year, more and more Republicans have been letting their inner Nazi out of their personal Republican Closet. I've been observing this since the days of Barry Goldwater and commenting about it since the dark days of Nixon/Agnew but I have to say that today's Republicans make Barry look almost like some sort of moderate by comparison. The inner Nazi was always there but now they go out of their way to show it, not just with actions but words. Think about it. People used to think I was being extreme just to make a point. Now? Not so much. Just look at what we have now: The KKK has its own Chief Justice of the Supreme Kourt in the form of John Roberts. We've got Harlan Crow, the Nazi Garden guy, who spends bigly amounts of $$$$ buying who knows how many justices at how many levels. We've got Elon Musk who will, mark my words, soon replace that X logo with a swastika. There's everyone and anyone on the FOX-Goebbles network. And, never forget the 147 members of Congress who voted to allow their fellow Nazi traitor, Donald Trump, overthrow the government and cheered on their assembled cop-killing mob in order to make it so. Since then, they've been passing all sorts of legislation at state levels to correct the mistakes they made in 2020 and 90% of Americans are naively ignoring it. So, what to get any Nazis you have the misfortune to know. I'm sure any Republican will love anything here- 1. How About a Nice Swastika Pillow! - (See above) We may not have Mike "Pillow Guy" Lindell to kick around anymore but don't worry, you can send this lovely pillow to any Republican and they will cherish it. Hopefully your giftee doesn't have a German Shepherd with abandonment issues. What a mess that would be! 2. Traitor Don Trump's "America First" Christmas Tree Ornament! - Yes, this is a real Christmas ornament that bears the KKK "America First" slogan that Trump has co-opted for the obvious reason. Nearly every damn day, I get offers to purchase it from America's favorite Nazi power couple, Donnie T. and Ronna Romney McDaniel. Yeah, I know Traitor Don has stolen the slogan for his very own, well, of course he has! Not only that but the Republican National Committee seems to be selling these, too, and why wouldn't they since Republicans are all about the KKK! Nothing says White KKKhristmas like this little bauble that every Republican is sure to want on their tree. By next year, the RNC will be offering a little Santa ornament with a white hood and a string of flickering cross lights that give a nice burning effect.


3. How about a nice box of fully Nazi Christmas Balls? - You wouldn't want your Republican neighbor or relative to have just the America First ornament, would you? Not to worry, the solution is here:

and here:

4. A Burning Cross Lawn Display - Here's a perennial favorite that I've actually seen in a Christmas lawn display in upstate New York and included before. I have to admit that, at the time, I wondered if the people who had this on their lawn knew what message they were sending or not but then I drove past the same yard the following fall and they had half a dozen Trump flags and signs for local Republican candidates so, enough said.

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