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States With More Trump Voters Have The Worst COVID Infections

Apologies to NY Times writers Lauren Leatherby and Rich Harris, who wrote this morning that States That Imposed Few Restrictions Now Have The Worst Outbreaks. Not much difference. This is pretty intuitive stuff: "the surge is worst now in places where leaders neglected to keep up forceful virus containment efforts or failed to implement basic measures like mask mandates in the first place." Those are all red states where the Trump death cult is foundational to the social norms. Trumpistan is another country and there's no coming back. Rescuing places like Austin, Houston, Dallas, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, etc, the rest of the moocher states should be just eliminated from the union, booted out, at least until they can all pass reading comprehension tests.

"Outbreaks, wrote Leatherby and Harris, "are comparatively smaller in states where efforts to contain the virus were stronger over the summer and fall-- potential good news for leaders taking action now. States and cities are reinstating restrictions and implementing new ones: In recent days, the governors of Iowa, North Dakota and Utah imposed mask mandates for the first time since the outbreak began." Too late for huge swathes of the morons who live in those states.

This chart shows average daily conornavirus cases per capita between March 1 and November 16 in states with the tightest control measures-- all blue states.

And this chart shows average daily conornavirus cases per capita between March 1 and November 16 in states with the fewest control measures-- all red states.

Looking at one state at a time, it’s possible to track the relationship between coronavirus policy and public health and voters drawn to Trump and other Republicans. They reported that "Many states in the Upper Midwest and Mountain West resisted more stringent control measures, like limits on gatherings and mask mandates. North Dakota, for example, made few efforts to contain the virus. After briefly ramping up restrictions-- closing bars, restaurants, gyms, theaters and schools-- in March, when most other states did, Gov. Doug Burgum reopened the state nearly fully in May. For a while, the residents were spared. Now, nearly one in 10 North Dakotans have tested positive-- about a third of those in the past two weeks-- and one in 1,000 have died of the virus. In 2016, 216,794 North Dakotans voted for Trump (62.96%). This year 235,595 North Dakotans voted for Trump (65.11%). They hate their brutish, pointless, empty lives and subconsciously crave death as a rescue. Almost one in ten North Dakotans has been infected.

South Dakota's governor, Kristi Noem, should be tried as a mass murderer. Along with Trump, she is responsible for the pandemic's virulence-- not just in South Dakota, but throughout the country, especially in the Midwest. Today, South Dakota reported 1,071 new cases, bringing the state's total to 69,742. That's 78,835 per million residents, worse than anywhere in the world other than North Dakota (90,035 per million). In 2016, 227,721 (61.53%) South Dakotas voted for Trump and then this year it was 261,043 (61.8%).

COVID-Kim with friends

Iowa was another shit-fest-- both in terms of COVID and fascism. The state reported 4,054 new cases, bringing Iowa's total to 199,664 (63,284 cases per million Iowans, third worst in the country). In 2016, Trump look 800,983 votes (51.15%)-- beating Hillary by nearly 10 points-- and this year 897,467 (53.16%) Iowans voted for Trump.

These are the dozen states with the worst per capita COVID cases and the Trump percentage in each:

  • North Dakota- 90,035 cases per million (Trump 65.11%)

  • South Dakota- 78,835 cases per million (Trump 61.8%)

  • Iowa- 63,284 cases per million (Trump 53.16%)

  • Wisconsin- 58,132 cases per million (Trump 48.83%)

  • Nebraska- 55,116 cases per million (Trump 58.5%)

  • Utah- 51,777 cases per million (Trump 58.0%)

  • Illinois- 49,037 cases per million (Trump 40.7%%)

  • Montana- 48,483 cases per million (Trump 56.92%)

  • Idaho- 48,367 cases per million (Trump 63.83%)

  • Tennessee- 47,619 cases per million (Trump 60.70%)

  • Mississippi- 46,634 cases per million (Trump 57.7%)

  • Alabama- 46,074 cases per million (Trump 62.09%)

And just as a contrast, these are the half dozen states with the lowest per capita COVID cases and the Trump percentage in each:

  • Vermont- 5,305 cases per million (Trump 30.4%)

  • Maine- 7,241 cases per million (Trump 43.5%)

  • New Hampshire- 11,583 cases per million (Trump 45.45%)

  • Hawaii- 11,819 cases per million (Trump 34.3%)

  • Oregon- 14,147 cases per million (Trump 40.3%)

  • Washington- 18,602 cases per million (Trump 39.0%)

The wave of new restrictions in the United States follows national and regional lockdowns in Europe, where outbreaks surged past their spring peaks but cases per capita remained lower than many Upper Midwest states. A couple weeks into those lockdowns, countries with new restrictions may be seeing results: The rate of new daily cases has begun to level off or drop in France, Spain, Germany and Italy, though it continues to rise in the United Kingdom.
...[A]cting quickly and forcefully is the best shot governments have to combat the virus. And the more swiftly they can act, the shorter any lockdown-style policies need to be.
Some countries that implemented fast, early restrictions and robust test-and-trace programs have seen the most success. New Zealand recently lifted all restrictions following 10 days with no new cases. New Zealand’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, called it a validation of the country’s “go hard, go early” strategy, in which the country reacts rapidly to signs of community spread.
Taiwan recently recorded 200 days without a new coronavirus case after its leaders focused on a speedy response and invested in mass testing and contact tracing. Despite an early outbreak, South Korea flattened the curve with aggressive testing and contact tracing, as well as widespread mask wearing.

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I'm lucky in that I live in a county in TN that did mandate masks early and close business's, bars and schools. I think we have 7 counties with independent Health Departments and they set the rules. I feel bad for people that don't live in one of those 7 places.

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