• Noah

Special Midday Meme Of The Day! Clean Up At The Porta-Podium!

by Noah

300 Pounds Of Shit In A 100 Gallon Diaper. Can you imagine the smell the next speaker had to deal with at that Porta-Podium in North Carolina? Did that next speaker think someone had died? Did that next speaker think they'd suddenly been transported to a New York Subway station on a 95 degree day? Does that next speaker now know what a Trump hotel room in Moscow smells like after Trump checks out? Jeez! All Giuliani did was leak hair dye.

Damn! A former President of the United States wearing flyless rubber pants! Same material as his bed sheets, I guess. Did an open microphone happen to catch any sloshing noises as Trump walked away?

Are Trump's handlers trying to position the Diaper Don for a Vinnie the Chin Gigante insanity defense? Vinnie the Chin, for those of you who don't recollect, was an infamous New York mobster who took to going out and walking the streets of New York's Greenwich Village in his bathrobe, sometimes in shoes, sometimes not, hair always a mess, and, for an extra touch, mumbling, often extra loudly in an effort to make sure he was heard to be mumbly incoherently. It was all an act of course; designed to garner sympathy from the courts. Now, New York's newest mobster star is attempting the same thing. Sorry, Donnie. It's been done, and it didn't work the first time. The diaper thing is a nice touch, though. Who came up with that. Putin? Melania? Ivanka? Sean Hannity? Alex Jones?

And, of course, the Republican crowd at the event cheered for it all. They cheered his every move.