• Noah

Special Evening Meme!

by Noah

Trump Goons, egged on by years of his tweets and by years of FOX "News" propaganda and conspiracy mongering stormed the Capitol Building and broke into the Senate chamber and FOX is acting, and I mean acting, surprised that this has happened. Whatever happened to the incitement of rioting and even treason being illegal? That's a rhetorical question of course. This is your Republican Party, folks.

As soon as the Republican Taliban types attacked the Capitol Building this afternnon, I put on FOX "News" and it was a thing to behold as they pretended to be surprised about what was happening and not acknowledge their role in it. They said "this is what the other side does" but imagine if BLM had breached the Capitol Building, taken over the offices of the politicians and overrun the Senate chamber, even sitting on the dais. They'd all be dead. Instead, we haven't even heard any reports of arrests, and, if we do, they'll be getting released on their own recognizance, maybe even a new shirt and a new MAGA hat.

In a moral universe, the likes of Laura "Ilsa" Ingraham, along with others of her kind like Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, et. al. would be arrested for sedition, insurrection, incitement to riot, and attempted overthrow of the government. Add to the list people like Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, Kayleigh McEnany, Louie Gohmert... you know who they are and so do they. They sit in their studios and offices and push for the things we have seen happen today, and worse as they play armchair generalisimo. Suddenly, they pretend they were never for this. You can smell how disingenuous these cretins are right through the TV. It's grotesque. They push and push and push for violence and then back away when it happens. You know damn well that, off camera, they're smiling. You also know that today's violence is Moscow Mitch's wet dream. Expect him to get an extra large payment from Putin and his oligarchs for going above and beyond in helping Trump bring about this chaos and destroying what's left of America's image as a beacon of hope. Mission Accomplished.

At one point in FOX's surreal coverage, I heard one of their pro-autocracy morons claim that what was going on at the Capitol Building "is not violence." As this sick claim was being made, we viewers could see they were showing footage of Capitol Building windows and doors being shattered. Like I said, surreal. It's no different than "I won by a lot." It's no different than "Kamala is a communist." It's also no different than the time FOX claimed it was showing violence and rioting in Madison, Wisconsin but the footage showed a protest with palm trees in the background. Palm trees in Wisconsin! Who knew? This is who/what they are. It's the republican mind in all it's delusion and idiocy.

Our psychopathic "president" and would be fuhrer managed to issue a statement where he said his side should be peaceful and go home while he also praised his "special supporters" as if what they were doing was wonderful and repeatedly said the election was stolen from him, that he "won in a landslide" "and everyone knows it" and "the election was taken away from us," and that non-republicans are "evil," blah, blah... It was designed to include a few good words while inciting more anger. I was waiting for some "Lizard people nuttery but at least we were spared that one. Meanwhile his goons screamed about "socialism" and "This isn't over." Trump's statement amounted to another "stand back and stand by" moment. Unlike the tweet above, there was no word about the vandals and rioters being prosecuted and being put in prison for "10 years minimum." Trump can't be any other way. He's a psychopath. Let us not forget when, during the campaign, Don Jr. was tweeting instructions to other Trump Goons in Texas, the same goons who ran a Biden/Harris bus off a highway and into a ditch. He tweeted today that "This is not who we are." Oh, really? What irony? Give me a fucking break. 4 years of conjuring the Devil and then you fake dismay when the Devil shows up.