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Special Evening Meme 2

-by Noah As of this morning, aka "the day after," a grand total of a whole 52 of the Trump Goon Squad have been arrested. 52. Need any more proof as to where the sympathies of the Capitol Police lie? The top brass of the Capitol Police have not been summarily fired and, apparently, no one in Washington is talking about that one. The Capitol Police had plenty of advance warning yet they deliberately kept 75% of their force at home or elsewhere. It appears that even the ones on duty were told to "stand down." It appears that large numbers of them are Trump Cultists. People like Don Jr. who said, "We're coming for you!" Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Louie Gohmert, and Donald Trump made the intentions of their incitement clear. Lindsey Graham supported Trump, for months in every way. Ivanka called them patriots! Rudy Giuliani said "Let's have trial by combat" just hours before the Trump Goons moved on the Capitol Building. And, yet, he and his fellow insurrection planning committee members are still roaming free, uncuffed and unshackled after masterminding a terror attack on not just the Capitol Building but the country. 1/6 is theirs and, sadly, 1/6 is ours, and it happened and was premeditated from within. We've seen the pictures of the ransacked offices (See short clip at the end of this post), file folders all over the floors, drawers open. I saw them and I just had to ask myself, what top secret information has been taken and who has it now? How many Russian operatives were in the mob let in by the Capitol Police? Chinese operatives? North Koreans? I had to ask myself, how many computers were breached? What information on them was sent where? Sure, there are other things I'd personally love to know but most of those pertain to the rampant graft on Capitol Hill, and, maybe Devin Nunes' desk had a very nice Christmas card from Vlad Putin. I have to admit I'd take that! I'd arrange to have it auctioned at Sotheby's with a ton of publicity. Imagine the lovely, endearing note of gratitude inscribed inside. Another question: Which Capitol Police officers posed for selfies (above) with their new Trump Goon pals, politely opened doors for them, and patted them on the back, and why have they not been stripped of their badges? If the Capitol Police who assisted Trump's Goon Squad were Muslims from Afghanistan, they'd be on their way to GITMO by now. Instead, the White House is probably arranging for them to receive Medals of Freedom just like the ones they gave to Gym Jordan and the aforementioned Devin Nunes. Nunes can wear it 'round his neck along with his cowbell. I just saw a Republican Rep named Tom Reed (upstate NY) on TV. He was saying that nothing should be done about Cruz, Hawley, or any of the other 200 or so congressional seditionists, traitors and defacto insurrection leaders. He doesn't think they should "be expelled for their beliefs?" Beliefs? Listen up, Tom, you asshole! Insurrection is not a belief! Treason and sedition are not beliefs! They run 100% counter to that oath to defend the Constitution that you took with your fingers crossed behind your back! Fuck you, ASSHOLE! Oh and the ringleader of the attack on the Capitol Building, the one who went out to meet his MAGA Goons and rile them up with a speech and send them on their way? Yeah, that guy, the Orange Menace To Society. He hasn't been arrested either. He probably spent the afternoon parading around the oval office in his XXXXL bathrobe with a boner, cheering. Nearly as bad, there are only about 100 democrats calling for Trump's immediate removal. That's right. Only 100. The rest might not be Trump supporters but they are playing right into their hands and they know it. Never forget that 70,000,000 Trumpers took a look at their lunatic and said, "That's for me! That's my guy!"

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