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Special Easter Mid-Day Meme! Yes, Marjorie Traitor Greene Had A Mother!

by Noah

With that high forehead, that creepy rabbit certainly could be Matt Gaetz. I just never supposed that Flor-i-duh's favorite congresscritter had to shave so much! Then again, the more I look at the picture, it occurs to me that I may have had it wrong and it's not Matt Gaetz at all! Look closely! There's just something very Marjorie Traitor Greene about that face. Yeah, that's it!!! It's Matt Gaetz's house alright but that's old Marjorie, or wait, wait a damn minute! Hold on! That's not her! That's her mother!!! That's Marjorie Traitor Greene's mother, about 40 years ago or so! And those kids! That little girl and that little boy... Could it be?

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