• Noah

Special Bonus Meme Of The Day! Cosby Escapes From Human Decency.

by Noah

There he goes! Bill Cosby eases on down the road! Money changes hands. Lawyers and judges wink. And Bill Cosby makes plans to find the real rapists, but, first... Maybe a dinner with O.J.?

I know that, to the legal profession, it's just a job and human decency has nothing to do with it. The congress goons that write laws prove that daily. But, frankly, I don't give a fucking damn about anything the judge that sprang Cosby has to say. There's nothing he can say that means shit. Same with any legal system apologists that make their pathetic attempts to explain this away, have to say about this case and our sick joke of a "justice system." Anything they are saying will just dig them in further in my book. May they drown in their own quicksand cesspool. Sadly, I can only dream that when that pig of a judge got home his wife or daughter clocked him hard upside the head with a crowbar.