Some People Think It's Just A Negotiating Strategy & That Manchin Will Allow A Shrunken Version

Bernie never ran against Manchin. Both won their primary races there, Bernie in 2016 and Manchin 2 years later. The state has 55 counties. Manchin turned out more voters than Bernie did in just 13 of them. Bernie beat Manchin in 42 West Virginia counties. Bernie turned out more voters in small rural counties like Wirt and Grant and in big urban and suburban counties like Monongalia and Harrison. Before Manchin berates Bernie as an outsider who doesn't know anything about West Virginia, he should look at these numbers and think about what they might portend for his own future:

Barbour Co.- Bernie- 994, Manchin- 878

Berkeley Co.- Bernie- 4,020, Manchin- 2,997

Boone Co.- Bernie- 2,410, Manchin- 2,332

Braxton Co.- Bernie- 1,321, Manchin- 1,153

Brooke Co.- Bernie- 1,966, Manchin- 1,762

Cabel Co,- Bernie- 5,361, Manchin- 5,379

Calhoun Co,- Bernie- 803, Manchin- 375

Clay Co,- Bernie- 754, Manchin- 633

Doddridge Co,- Bernie- 235, Manchin- 178

Fayette Co,- Bernie- 3,585, Manchin- 3,011

Gilmer Co,- Bernie- 643, Manchin- 678

Grant Co,- Bernie- 185, Manchin- 182

Greenbrier Co,- Bernie- 2,864, Manchin- 2,952

Hampshire Co,- Bernie- 1,101, Manchin- 915

Hancock Co,- Bernie- 2,275, Manchin- 1,854

Hardy Co,- Bernie- 883, Manchin- 1,061

Harrison Co,- Bernie- 5,370, Manchin- 4,873

Jackson Co,- Bernie- 1,799, Manchin- 1,217

Jefferson Co,- Bernie- 3,241, Manchin- 2,427

Kanawha Co,- Bernie- 13,480, Manchin- 14,472

Lewis Co,- Bernie- 1,229, Manchin- 981

Lincoln Co,- Bernie- 1,510, Manchin- 1,407

Logan Co,- Bernie- 3,201, Manchin- 2,772

Marion Co,- Bernie- 5,324, Manchin- 4,830

Marshall Co,- Bernie- 2,599, Manchin- 2,411

Mason Co,- Bernie- 1,769, Manchin- 1,723

McDowell Co,- Bernie- 1,453, Manchin- 1,307

Mercer Co,- Bernie- 3,233, Manchin- 2,752

Mineral Co,- Bernie- 1,110, Manchin- 1,017

Mingo Co,- Bernie- 2,425, Manchin- 1,846

Monongalia Co,- Bernie- 8,096, Manchin- 4,418

Monroe Co,- Bernie- 817, Manchin- 1,051

Morgan Co,- Bernie- 682, Manchin- 620

Nicholas Co,- Bernie- 1,944, Manchin- 2,424

Ohio Co,- Bernie- 3,363, Manchin- 3,072

Pendleton Co,- Bernie- 484, Manchin- 576

Pleasants Co,- Bernie- 545, Manchin- 441

Pocahontas Co,- Bernie- 826, Manchin- 598

Preston Co,- Bernie- 1,719, Manchin- 1,566

Putnam Co,- Bernie- 3,251, Manchin- 2,806

Raleigh Co,- Bernie- 4,888, Manchin- 4,193

Randolph Co,- Bernie- 2,492, Manchin- 2,589

Ritchie Co,- Bernie- 351, Manchin- 389

Roane Co,- Bernie- 1,002, Manchin- 837

Summers Co,- Bernie- 1,060, Manchin- 1,440

Taylor Co,- Bernie- 1,106, Manchin- 1,044

Tucker Co,- Bernie- 770, Manchin- 816

Tyler Co,- Bernie- 428, Manchin- 328

Upshur Co,- Bernie- 1,071, Manchin- 851

Wayne Co,- Bernie- 2,898, Manchin- 3,244

Webster Co,- Bernie- 837, Manchin- 678

Wetzel Co,- Bernie- 1,744, Manchin- 1,369

Wirt Co,- Bernie- 326, Manchin- 259

Wood Co,- Bernie- 4,519, Manchin- 4,118

Wyoming Co,- Bernie- 1,498, Manchin- 1,487

In all, Bernie won the Democratic primary in West Virginia with 123,860 votes. Manchin-- previously a state legislator, a governor and a senator-- won his last renomination bid with 111,589. It was different years and, obviously not a head-to-head battle, but it was the same voter pool-- registered Democrats in a primary election-- and Manchin can denounce Bernie as an outsider or a socialist all he wants; his own base feels warmer towards him than their corrupt, bribe-taking senator does.

This morning, HuffPo reported that publicly, Manchin's "biggest gripes are about the cost of the bill. But privately, Manchin has told his colleagues that he essentially doesn’t trust low-income people to spend government money wisely. In recent months, Manchin has told several of his fellow Democrats that he thought parents would waste monthly child tax credit payments on drugs instead of providing for their children, according to two sources familiar with the senator’s comments... Manchin’s private comments shocked several senators, who saw it as an unfair assault on his own constituents and those struggling to raise children in poverty. Manchin has also told colleagues he believes that Americans would fraudulently use the proposed paid sick leave policy, specifically saying people would feign being sick and go on hunting trips."

Pramila Jayapal noted in a statement to her constituents that "Manchin made a promise to President Biden to support a framework that would help lower health care costs, cap the price of insulin and other prescription drugs, lower child care costs for Americans, address the climate crisis, and give working people and poor people a shot in America. Today, Senator Manchin has betrayed his commitment not only to the President and Democrats in Congress but most importantly, to the American people. He routinely touts that he is a man of his word, but he can no longer say that. West Virginians, and the country, see clearly who he is."