So Now We Know We Can Pressure The Asshole When He Reverts To His Instinctual Conservatism

Tonight, he nearly lost her next year's Georgia gubernatorial race

Before he released the specifics of his Build Back Better Budget this evening, Reid Wilson reported for The Hill that chief of staff Ron Klain said Biden wants a cabinet of robots to do what he says, and he isn't interested in any input from anyone outside of a tight inner circle that will call all the shots. This is a 100% guaranteed prescription for abject failure-- a huge example of which we just saw tonight with his pathetic flip-flop on $2,000 survival checks. Klain didn't say it that way and Wilson didn't report it that way. "As he takes office in the face of the most substantial set of crises facing any new president in almost a century, President-elect Joe Biden is structuring an incoming administration around teams meant to break down the fiefdoms and silos that have at times vexed many of his predecessors. If former President Obama built his Cabinet as a team of rivals, Biden is building a team of allies. The Biden transition has structured its nominees and senior officials into policy pods, Cabinet members and policy coordinators introduced together over the course of the two-month transition, designed to use the levers of government across departments and agencies. 'We face a lot of really complex problems here,' Ron Klain, Biden’s incoming chief of staff, said in an interview. 'They are crises to the country. I think for the government to solve them you need really comprehensive, whole-of-government solutions. That’s what we’ve been building through the campaign and then more intensively through the transition.'"

Biden should start off by firing Klain, who already made him look like a hateful dick, a liar (which he's been his whole life) and an incompetent asshole by trying to worm out of the $2,000 promise and offering austerity-crazed conservatives-- primarily Joe Manchin-- a peace offering of $1,400. Then the Progressive Caucus and the internet exploded and even Marco Rubio called him a slimy cheapskate and insisted he give $2,000 like he promised. Anything less would have been a broken promise, especially to the voters of Georgia who just gave this asshole the Senate. Did Klain ever ruin the rollout of the Budget!

This is going to be another horrible presidency-- not as bad as Trump, of course, but bad... really, really, really bad. Biden is a complete turd. He has been for his whole career and this just shows he hasn't changed one bit. The guy is completely unfit and Obama did this to us to keep Bernie from getting the nomination. And if Biden makes another stumble like this, it's curtains for the Democrats in the midterms. Klain is clueless and in way over his head. Soon they're not going to have Trump to kick around any longer and people won't be saying "at least he's better than Trump." He's got to put up and by attempted to screw the whole country out of the $2,000 checks for no reason at all... well, it bodes really badly for the country.