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Slovenia Also Had Elections Yesterday-- And The Fascist Was Kicked out Of Office

Marine Le Pen wasn't the only neo-Nazi to lose an election yesterday

By now, everyone knows that yesterday the mainstream conservative incumbent, Emmanuel Macron beat the Putin-financed fascist candidate, Marine Le Pen, in the French presidential election. His win was solid-- 58.55% to 41.45-- but last time they faced off, in 2017, he beat her 66.1% to 33.9%. Le Pen did best in Corsica and in the island territories, like Guadeloupe, where she beat Macron nearly 70-30%. His best showing was in Paris, where Jean-Luc Mélenchon won the first round but where Le Pen and her brand of fascism only drew an appalling 14.9% yesterday.

Less talked about in Europe-- and not even a little here in the U.S.-- was the parliamentary election in Slovenia, where Trump's most current imported wife once worked as a prostitute and where the fascist Trump admirer Janez Janša was defeated in a reelection bid.

Slovenia is a small European country, about the size of Massachusetts with around the same number of people as New Mexico. Formerly part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and then Yugoslavia, Slovenia is surrounded by Croatia, Italy, Austria and Hungary. It became an independent country in 1991 and eventually joined the EU and NATO. It's a prosperous country.

The parliamentary results in a very high turnout election made the Freedom Movement (a liberal outgrowth of the Green Party) the number 1 party. Its leader, Robert Golob will form a left-of-center coalition government. Although 21 parties participated, only parties with 4% get seats in Parliament, and yesterday that was just 5 parties in search of the 46 seats needed for a majority:

  • Freedom Movement- 34.54% (41 seats)

  • Slovenian Democratic Party (fascist)- 23.53% (27 seats)

  • New Slovenia (Christian Democrats)- 6.85% (8 seats)

  • Social Democrats- 6.65% (7 seats)

  • The Left- 4.38% (5 seats)

Janša is generally viewed as an anti-democracy Viktor Orban sock-puppet and has been hostile towards Zelenskyy, giving him basically the same disrespectful and scornful treatment-- until election time-- that North Carolina cross-dresser Madison Cawthorn has. Although he was expected to lose, his party did considerably worse than had been predicted.



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