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Sleazy "Democratic" PACs Working To Defeat Progressives

Hakeem Jeffries, a Wall Street Democrat and worthless careerist-- the Dem version of Kevin McCarthy-- who represents Bedford-Stuyvesant, Clinton Hill, East New York, Canarsie, Flatlands and Coney Island in Brooklyn plus Ozone Park and Howard Beach in Queens, started an anti-progressive PAC-- Team Blue PAC-- with rabid Blue Dog (and total Wall Street whore) Josh Gottheimer last year. As of March 31 they had collected just over a quarter million dollars this cycle-- primarily sewer money from lobbyists and corporate PACs-- to use against progressive candidates challenging incumbents. The progressive Democrats that Jeffries and Gottheimer are working hardest to keep out of office are Nina Turner (OH), Imani Oakley (NJ), Kina Collins (IL), Rana Abdelhamid (NY) and Amy Vilela (NV), all women of color.

The big corporate money Jeffries and Gottheimer are laundering in order to fight against progressives has primarily come in the form of maximum contributions from PACs belonging to these outfits:

  • Cigna

  • Mortgage Bankers Association

  • Onemain Holdings Financial

  • NY Life Insurance

  • Truist Financial (Suntrust Banks)

  • Association of Equipment Manufacturers

  • Frsenius Medical Care Holdings

  • American Financial Services Association

  • Friends of Community Oncology

  • UBS America

  • United Health Group

  • Rock Holdings

  • UPS

  • Nextera Energy

  • National Association of Realtors

  • Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers

  • Comcast

These are all companies that have official business with Jeffries and Gottheimer. In other words, these PACs are bribing these two ethics-free congressmen. They also took a great deal of money from many of the sleaziest lobbyists in DC, including (with their top clients):

  • Jeff Ziarko- ALEC

  • Steve Elmendorf- Amazon, BP, General Dynamics, Blackstone Group, UnitedHealth, Verizon, and Visa

  • Mike Goodman- Centene and Johnson & Johnson

  • Christina Antelo- Disney, Eli Lilly, telecom industry group NCTA, Viatris and Walmart

  • Sarah Shive- AbbVie, Marathon Petroleum, Meta, and Qualcomm

  • Stacey Rolland- Options Clearing Corporation and Target

There are even worse anti-progressive PACs that are part of the Democratic establishment, although none of the others have the presumptive next Democratic Party House leader (Jeffries). One of the ones doing the most damage right now is Mark Mellman's so-called "Democratic Majority for Israel," which claims to be a pro-Israel PAC but is just as much an anti-Medicare for All PAC and just generally anti-progressive PAC. Last cycle, for example, its biggest expenditures-- by far-- were $1,400,032 against Bernie and $899,148 to help Eliot Engel and $664,890 against Engel's opponent, Jamaal Bowman. Engel lost his seat to Bowman.

This cycle they have been helping many anti-progressive candidates-- like Jon Kaiman on Long Island-- raise money but so far their biggest expenditures have gone to keep Nina Turner out of Congress. So far, they've spent $1,420,603 helping to prop up waste-of-a-seat Shontel Brown and another 1,240,738 smearing Turner, this cycle's most feared-- by the corrupt establishment-- candidate running for anything, anywhere.

The biggest money for Mellman's PAC (different from the money that flows into the overall organization, some of which Mellman then donates to the PAC) comes from right-wing Democrat Stacy Schusterman of Samson Energy in Tulsa ($2,500,000), Estée Lauder billionaire Gary Lauder ($300,000), Josh Kraft and the Kraft Group ($300,000) and pyramid scheme acne treatment shyster Amnon Rodan ($290,000). So far the only member of Congress Mellman's PAC gave a direct contribution to is... wait for it-- Hakeem Jeffries. Mellman also wrote a $10,000 check to the Wall Street owned and operated New Dem Coalition.

Mellman, penultimate DINO

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