Senate Republicans Burned In A Toxic Pit Of Their Own Device

A few days ago everyone was warning the Republicans that blocking aid to veterans in a fit of pointless pique because of an unrelated deal between Manchin and Schumer was going to get them into trouble. But they did it anyway-- and it did. Watch Colbert up top. He has about 3 million nightly viewers. And another million and a half people watched it on YouTube. The Republicans had no leg to stand on. " McConnell tried defending his caucus by telling the media, "Look, these kind of back and forths happen all the time in the legislative process, you've observed that over the years. I think in the end, the veterans service organizations will be pleased with the final result." People who paid attention-- like veterans and their families-- got a real glimpse of them without the makeup.

And last night the Senate Republicans backed down— in shame… and in palpable fear of the backlash they've been feeling. The PACT Act passed 86 to 11. The Republicans who voted against the bill that will expand health benefits to 3.5 million vets are the shameless, hardcore veterans haters-- Ted Cruz (TX), Run-in' Josh Hawley (MO) and Mike Lee (UT).

The GOP cowards who voted no last week and then switched to yes last night: Ron Johnson (WI), Rick Scott (FL) Marsha Blackburn (TN), Bill Hagerty (TN), Roger Marshall (KS), Dan Sullivan (AK), Rob Portman (OH), Richard Burr (NC), Deb Fischer (NE), Ben Sasse (NE), Steve Daines (MT), Bill Cassidy (LA>), John Kennedy (LA), Roy Blunt (MO), Mike Braun (IN) and Todd Young (IN).